Once Upon a Mattress coming to WHS

It’s almost time to raise the curtains for the fall musical at Waconia High School.
“Once Upon a Mattress” will be performed at the auditorium at Waconia High School at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1 and Saturday, Nov. 2. Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for students and seniors and are available at the door.
In “Once Upon a Mattress,” Queen Aggravain is determined to let no one come between her and her darling son, Prince Dauntless. To keep him from marrying, she has instituted a set of tests that only a “true” princess can pass. Twelve have failed, and the people of the kingdom are anxious for Princess Number 13 to succeed.
To make matters more complicated, Queen Aggravain has placed a ban on all marriages in the kingdom until the prince weds.  Sir Harry and Lady Larken have fallen in love and really want to walk down the aisle, so Harry is determined to find a princess who can pass the test: enter Princess Winifred.
Complications ensue involving the Queen’s mute husband, King Sextimus the Silent, who is cursed; a jester and a minstrel. The Queen conspires with the wizards to devise a test that the princess is sure to fail. Finally the big night arrives. Will Winifred be able to sleep atop 20 soft mattresses or will the presence of one tiny pea reveal her as a princess too sensitive to sleep on such an irritating item as that? Come to one of the shows to find out!
Ben Pogatshnik is the Theatrical Director and Nancy Pearson is the Music Director. Greg Eklund & Urban Communications are in charge of Light and Sound.
• The cast: Kaleigh Wirries (Princess Winnifred), Matt Miller (Prince Dauntless), Cassia Brand (Queen Aggravain), Michael Miller (King Sextimus), Hannah Kilian (Minstrel), Angela Gifford (Jester), Heather Slice (Lady Larken), Mike Miller (Sir Harry), Laura Grimm (Wizard 1), Christina Miller (Wizard 2), Megan Rooke (Wizard 3), Nicolette Phillips (Princess #12), Megan Girard (The Nightingale), Jenna Grochow (Lady Rowena), Amy Broll (Lady Merrill), Anna Broll (Lady Helena), Olivia Doden (Lady Mabelle), Tyler Dvorak (Sir Studley), Tyler Gregoire (Sir Luce), Jeff Dufresne (Sir Edward), Jack Larson (Sir  Harold) and Kala Tiede, Lexi Mueller, Hannah Nielsen, Angelia Welter, Isabel Gilliam, Daniella Loper (The Ladies In Waiting).
• The tech and light crew: Charlotte Schattauer, Jordan Thorpe, Margaret Brose, Molly Klima, Raina Forcier, Sarah Stanczer, Stephanie Neumann.