10-31 CCN Letters to the Editor

County’s effort has slowed traffic speeds on CR 122

 To the editor:

A letter of recognition is in order by the residents of Carver County Road 122. As spokesperson, first of all, to the Carver County Board of Commissioners and all their staff, especially Tim Lynch and Jim Ische, and also to Sheriff Jim Olson and his staff of deputies, for their combined effort recently to help control traffic speeds on County Road 122.

Since this endeavor started, there has been noticeable improvement in the speed of traffic. It is always a good day when you see a patrol car drive by keeping traffic in check. There are still a select few that think this is a short cut German autobahn to get from Point A to B.

As initially stated at the beginning of this project, it is and will be our goal to make sure everyone gets the message to ensure everyone’s safety who drives on and who lives on this road. We thank you all for your work and dedication to this point and appreciate it, but we look forward to a last thank you letter that says, Mission Accomplished.

Larry Lunow





Front page story last week was unnecessary

 To the editor:

I would like to submit an idea for the “Remember When” section of this paper….

Remember when Watertown was the kind of place that had enough class and decorum not to humiliate someone on the front page of the newspaper?

Boy, those were the days.

Sara Griffith