9/23/13 REG

ISD #108 Central Public Schools
Regular Board Meeting
Sept. 23, 2013
The meeting was called to order by Chair Latzig at 5PM with all members present except J. Karnes and S. Knight. Others present included: M. Knickerbacker, K. Harms, A. Kayser, L. Hanson, T. Erickson, R. Erpenbach, M. Daugs, and B. Corlett.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the board and audience.
Member Spille read: Recognition: District 108 Is Proud Of.
Unanimous approval was given to the Agenda, the Minutes of the Aug. 26, regular board meeting, and the Consent Agenda.
L. Hanson apologized to the board for the recent misunderstanding during CEA contract negotiations.
Administrative reports were given by the appropriate individuals.
Board moved to recognize and accept the following donations:
– $2460 Ag Star Financial Services, Vocational Ag Grant
– $50 community member donation for Vocational Ag Dept.
– $10,000 Monsanto Fund, Vocational Ag Grant
Motions passed 5-0 to approve the Preliminary 2013 Pay 2014 Levy Certification at maximum and to approve the 2012-13 Curriculum Instruction and Student Achievement Report.
Member Schug introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: Resolution of School Board supporting Form A Application to MSHSL Foundation. The motion was seconded by Pexa and passed unanimously.
Motions passed unanimously to accept the bid from R. Neubarth for the 1994 Ford Van, approve the list of election judges, adopt several MSBA suggested policy changes.
There was no one at the meeting interested in being a nominee for the Board of Directors of the South Central Service Coop.
Board approved listing of class/organization trips for 13-14, approved Section 125Plan Resolution and Amendment, approved teacher lane change requests, and approved B. Isles as Jr. Class advisor.
Member Schug reported on the South Central Service Coop.
The next Board meeting was confirmed for Oct. 28, 6PM, HS Room A240.
There was no Round Table discussion.
Meeting was adjourned at 5:45PM.
(The preceding is a summary of the Minutes which are available in the District Office, 531 Morse St., Norwood Young America, MN 55368.)

11/7/13, NYA Times, Sept 23 Reg Min, 48243

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