Arboretum photographers to exhibit at libraries in November, December

This loon photo was created by Joan Wallner. (Submitted Photo)

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Photographer’s Society (APS) will exhibit its work at the Waconia and Watertown libraries in November and December.
What is the APS? It is a group of photographers that first came together as a result of a four-day workshop (Fall 2006) with John Gregor and wanted more: more sharing, more learning … more Arboretum. With their love of the Arboretum, they determined they would like to give back to the Arboretum using their skills as photographers. The Arboretum Photographers Society was launched in April 2007.
“Our mission is to enhance and promote the Arboretum and each other with photography,” explained Craig Isaacson of the APS. “Our reputation is growing among the staff and we are receiving requests continuously.   Our photos can be seen on the kiosks, on the web, in newsletters and brochures and our membership is now responsible for over 80 percent of the Arboretum’s photographic needs. It is quite exciting to be able to share and use our skills to the benefit of a great place like the Arboretum.”
APS holds monthly meetings to continuously improve members’ skills and share work. Periodically, a volunteer in the society will lead photo shoots in various locations to help members set aside time to get out and “shoot.”
The group has grown to more than 60 active members, and members of the group are enjoying local and even national recognition and awards. If you are interested in joining APS, contact
The photographers who will be participating in the November/December exhibit at the Waconia Library will be Mike Borg, Ken Evans, Lester Hughes-Seamons, Craig Isaacson, Peter Klose, Henry B. Roberts, and Joan Wallner. Borg’s works will also be at the Watertown Library.
If you are an artist interested in exhibiting at the Waconia or Watertown libraries, contact Laurel Bradshaw at (952) 442-4714 or [email protected]