11-14-13 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Kudos to all who helped boys soccer team succeed

To the editor:

How exciting it was to me and many others to witness the success of the Waconia High School boys varsity soccer team this year!
It was also exciting to see the growing community support for this team and many of the other outstanding soccer programs in Waconia. It is obvious that I am a fan of soccer, and it appears that there are more and more of them in this town.
Head coach Tyrel Seim and his assistants deserve kudos for the victories and exciting games and the teamwork and sportsmanship displayed on the field throughout the season. The parents and players all speak highly of the coaching, which has been placing highly competitive teams on the field for years. Thank you, coaches! The players also deserve credit for their outstanding performance. They worked hard for many years to achieve this success and they deserve our admiration. Congratulations to all of you! I am sure it was a season you will never forget. Yet this was an exceptional team — a really fine group of young men — most of whom I have known for many years. What did it take to create this outstanding team? It wasn’t just one star player or one great coach. How did it happen?
First and foremost, it took many years of unusual dedication by a Community Ed and Waconia MYSA coach named Mike Bruggemann. Mike has put in more time than anyone I know to develop this team, as well as many other teams in Waconia. Mike coached this team to a long string of successful seasons, including a MYSA State Championship. He has also worked with Waconia Community Ed to help develop other MYSA teams, as well as founding an indoor winter soccer program to help kids of all ages in Waconia maintain and improve their skills during the off-season. Now, he is coaching the girls varsity team despite having no daughters! He is a real treasure for this community. From the father of two sons not on this team that benefitted from his dedication and sacrifices over the years, I would like to say thank you to Mike. No doubt, I am not the first to offer those words to Coach Bruggemann.
Of course, Mike, too, was not alone. There were other coaches that helped this team achieve. Andy Spurbeck and Tom Kullman have coached alongside Mike for years, and Mike Widmer and Chris Marxen coached many of the younger players that contributed significantly to the success of this team. Then, there were the many team managers such as Leann Kunze and the tight-knit and always supportive parents of the players. A really fine and fun group of folks.
Here is a toast to all of those who helped produce this team! May there be many more. All it takes is a group of dedicated coaches and parents.

Bill Miller