Zion students to present comedic mystery on Nov. 25

Zion Play Missing Ring
Zion Lutheran School students rehearse a scene for their upcoming play, “Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring” on Nov. 25 at 7:30 p.m. Pictured are: Maria Felt (queen), Alison Dose (gypsy Rose) and Liam Aldrich (Maximum Smarts). (NYA Times staff photo by Adam Gruenewald)

NYA Times

Zion Lutheran School students are inviting the community to their performance of the “Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring” on Nov. 25 at 7:30 p.m.
The play, co-directed by Tom Marcsisak and Chris Denning, is sure to offer plenty of intrigue and mystery.
Written by Janie Downey Maxwell, it tells the story of a queen who loses her ring and enlists the help of royal detectives to find it. Among the humorous characters include Maximum Smarts and Agent 98, the Professor and Gypsy Rose the Fortune Teller.
“You want to make a play that the kids are going to enjoy doing and people are going to come watch are going to enjoy watching,” said Marcsisak of the mystery/comedy.
The 18-member cast of fifth- through eighth-graders started rehearsing on stage on Friday and started reading the play in the middle of October.
“They’ve been working on their lines on their own and we’ve been doing it in the classroom the last two weeks,” he said.
Among the principles of the cast are Maria Felt (queen), Alison Dose (gypsy Rose) and Liam Aldrich (Maximum Smarts).
Felt, an eighth-grader, said she is enjoying taking on her role of the queen who is obsessed with the ring.
“I’m a queen and I’m very bossy and I don’t like anyone really,” she said. “I like bossing people around, I guess,”
Aldrich, a fifth-grader, said he is able to channel his own personality for his comedic role.
“I think my real character works with the role,” he said, adding he gets to shoot himself in the face with a squirt gun and wear a classy hat. “I like this hat. I like this hat a lot.”
Dose, a fifth-grader, said the biggest challenge was developing her accent for the character, something she has practiced a lot.
“I like being the weird one in the play,” she said.
Other cast members include Lisa Brueggemeier (Julia), Madelyn Traver (Maggie), Kenson Boelke (William), Reagan Sauter (Agent 98), Jake Thompson (Wiley Jones), Charlie Morschen (Oliver), Annika Bixby (Miss Scarlet), David Lenzen (Bbq Bob), Dylan Bingham (Inspector Change), Carsen Ulrich (Professor), Maia Klaustermeier (Nancy), Sammi Brueggemeier (Jamie), Hannah Klaustermeier (Kat), Elizabeth Braun (Lee) and Grace Dose (Henrietta).
The “Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring” will be performed on Nov. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at Zion Lutheran School in Cologne, 14735 County Road 153.

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