Cologne Council OKs HVAC contract

NYA Times

Budget conscious members of the Cologne City Council took careful consideration in determining three issues on Monday, Nov. 18.
Council members, with Scott Williams absent, approved agreements with Gilbert Mechanical Contractors for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance and a non-exclusive contract with Nu-Telecom and also approved a utility assessment.
Minneapolis-based Gilbert Mechanical Contractors will handle the upkeep of the HVAC system for the Cologne Community Center/City Hall building at a rate of $2,374 per year.
While there was some concern of whether the 11-page contract covered all of the mechanical systems, careful examination examined that it did.
The city previously had a $1,700 annual contract with Vogt Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing LLC for the services, but the company went out of business about two years ago. More aspects are included in the Gilbert Mechanical Contractors including more thorough examination of the geothermal system.
Most recently, City Administrator John Hendel and staff had changed some of the approximately 30 filters in the Community Center, some of which were on the roof.
“I changed four of the filters upstairs up on the roof on two of the units,” said Hendel. “Two of the air filters were already crushed, pushing through and ripped in several places.”
Hendel encouraged the council to approve a contract to ensure that proper maintenance and upkeep is taken care of.
“We can continue to keep doing it ourselves at which we can do certain things, but we can’t do others,” he said. “Or we can work on getting this service agreement going.”
Included in the services contract are seven heat pumps, two energy recovery units and a humidifier, all of which are electrical in nature which led to some confusion as nothing was checked under heating.
Hendel recalled that those involved with the project were “happy” about not having a gas line in the building at time of construction and the building was maintained by a geothermal system.
In other news, council members revisited and approved the extension non-exclusive contract with New Ulm (Nu)-Telecom for three years.
Since 2002, the City of Cologne has been paid based on the number of customers in Cologne who use the cable services. In January 2013, they received an annual payment $2,398.32 for their share of the contract.
Council members discussed pursuing discounts for the city itself and for users of the city’s fitness center with the salesperson.
The city currently uses DirecTV as Nu-Telecom had not yet been available until a recent expansion to cover the south side of town.
Regarding the utility assessment, about 25 Cologne residents have until Dec. 31 of this year to pay delinquent sewer and water bills, until it goes on their taxes and is then collected by Carver County before being paid to the city.
The Cologne City Council will next meet on Dec. 2 at 7 p.m.

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