11-28-13 WP Letters to the Editor

Medical care should serve everyone’s best interests

To the editor:


I understand the frustration of the two letter writers last week who condemned the Affordable Health Care Act.

Obamacare is, after all, associated with Obama, who’s viewed by some to be “the monster” that’s steering us toward socialism, “with no qualifying experience,” and apparently a dishonorable liar to boot.

How do we as a nation deal with people like Eugene Rakow, the carpenter whose medical emergency made front page news in the same issue of the Patriot? Rakow, who apparently could not afford health insurance, received extensive and sophisticated medical care in a system that we do not like to call “socialist.”

About 17 percent of this nation’s gross domestic product is spent on medical care. This makes medical care a sector of our society that requires capable management and oversight, centered upon the best interests of the people.

Were we getting that before Obamacare?


Paul Maravelas

Camden Township