Burst pipe occurs at Trinity Lutheran, Waconia

The Waconia Fire Department responded to a fire call at Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Waconia at approximately 9:45 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 12.
Upon arrival, the firefighters were greeted with water streaming out the front doors and spraying down the school hallway. It was determined that a sprinkler head in the school entrance had burst due to the extreme cold temperature and partial thaw that day.
After the water was shut off, members of Trinity’s staff arrived and started to clean up the mess. The staff was pleased to learn that the firefighters were willing to help.
“They went above and beyond to stay and help us clean up. They were amazing!” said Heidi Pawelk, a Student Support Teacher who was on the scene.
“The firemen quickly moved furniture and lifted things from the floor. They were a huge help in minimizing damage and shortening the cleanup effort,” added Board of Administration member Leroy Kuntz.
The next morning, the only residue that students and parents noticed from the eventful night was additional salt in the parking lot to reduce ice, fans to complete the dry out process, and extra mats in the entryway.
“Thanks to many helpful hands, classes resumed as usual,” said Lynn Nygaard, the Communications Director at Trinity Lutheran Church & School. “The Waconia community is blessed to have such a dedicated Volunteer Fire Department staff with servants’ hearts. On behalf of Trinity Lutheran Church & School, thank you!”