12-26-13 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – Dec. 25, 2003
Waconia City Council member Mark Schiffman has been appointed to a 17-member Met Council land use and advisory committee by Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
Long icicles hanging on buildings in downtown Waconia are proof that the weather has been rather warm lately. Caution is urged on the lake.
Margaret Happ is celebrating her 100th birthday in the Fireside Room at her home at Auburn Court in Chaska.
BOWLING: The top three games on Tuesday night were rolled by Lucy Johnsen, Pat Hartmann and Andrea Taylor. Their scores were 200, 199 and 183.
Victoria – The Holy Family High School boys’ basketball team took on Jordan and Waconia this past week. Despite much improvement they were not able to win.
PATRIOT FORUM: What kind of treats does Santa like? “Snickers.”-Amber Rochat-Boeser-Waconia. “Brownies.”-Katie McMahon-Waconia. “Gingerbread men.”-Jeremy Hipolito-Waconia. “Cookies.”-Lucy Drill-Mellum-Waconia.
The Carver County Fair has received an Agricultural Award of Excellence in several categories from the International Association of Fairs headquartered in Springfield, Mo. Janice Albrecht, secretary of the Carver County Fair accepted the awards.
Dave and Paul Kirsch of Waconia are pleased to announce the birth of their son Ethan Dean. Ethan was welcomed home by sisters and brother Megan, Davis and Maria.

25 Years Ago – Dec. 22, 1988
A total of four cars have gone into Lake Waconia within the last two weeks. All four fell victim to a pressure ridge which stretches from Coney Island to Wagener’s Bay. There is also a dangerous area between Kegs Reef and Reds Reef on Lake Waconia. The pressure ridge is created as weak ice gives when the ice grows, according to Cindy Mase of In Towne Marina in Waconia.
St. Bonifacius – Last week St. Boni thought it would lose its library. This week the county board voted to keep it another year.
SEASON’S GREETINGS from First National Bank of Waconia with three convenient locations to serve you. Officers include: Mary Willems, Wendy Bring, Joyce Meuleners, Bonnie Ess, Sandi Tietz, Gary Radel, Lee Anderson, Tim McKeag, Alan Henninger, Roger Wichelman, Alan Tellers and Dallas Wall.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from First State Federal with People Who Care: Dick Fonger, Lucy Johnson, Jeanette Patrick, Marlene Meyer, Linda Lovley, Betty Stacken and Jackie Jensen.
New Germany – Arson is suspected in a barn fire. The barn is owned by Duane Mielke, one mile south of New Germany. There are no suspects, although two sets of tennis shoe prints were observed at the scene.
ON CAMPUS: Several area students graduated from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis this fall. Among them are: Pamela K. Hedtke, Jean Larson, Rochelle Goetz, and Paul Fabel, all of Waconia. Kevin Johnson of St. Bonifacius and Diane Lemke of New Germany also graduated.
Winners in the Christmas Lighting Contest in Waconia are: the Jim Seltz family, the Ken Schmitt family and the Dr. Augustin Palattao family. Winners in the rural area are: Ivar Johnson family and Ralph Maass family.

50 Years Ago – Dec. 26, 1963
Judging of the Christmas Lighting Contest sponsored by the Waconia Lions Club was completed this week. The first prize went to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Harms in Lakeview Terrace. Second place went to the John Scheubles family, who lives on Orange Street. Third place went to the Gordon Felt home on Sunset Ridge. Fourth place went to the Orville Duefferts on Sunset Ridge. Other winners included Alfred Beirsdorf, Herb Seltz, Gilbert Hoen, Leon Haering, Dennis Fahse and Leon Claire.
Fremont Radde of Waconia received a safety award from Peters Meat Products for traveling 750,000 miles in 19 years without an accident.
The annual Stag Night sponsored by the Waconia Jaycees will be held at the Izaak Walton League Clubhouse on Saturday, Jan. 11. LuAllan Kettcher, Leo Schlumpberger, Don Flecks, Ron Machtemes, Jerry O’Connor and Bob Matson are on the game committee. Door and advertising will be in charge by Bob Wytttenhove, Leon Budahl, Don Supple and Ed Winckel. Refreshments will be given by Loren Anderson, Frank Rief, Paul Gropper, Al Matthias and James Russel. Bob Guigere, Gene Pitra and Dave Tauscheck are on the Food Committee.
Cologne – Kitty Fritz, Kathleen and Patricia Storms, Judy Meuleners, Geneea Willems and Eileen Wirtz are spending their Christmas vacation from Good Counsel at Mankato at the homes of their parents.
Mayer – Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jopp are the happy parents of a girl, Dawn Jopp.

75 Years Ago – Dec. 22, 1938
Friday books will be thrown into the discard pile, not to be dusted off for two weeks, for it is vacation time in the Waconia schools. School children will be free for the two weeks, except those who help with the winter house cleaning, chores, etc., and teachers will go home for the holiday, get Christmas presents, “rest,” and come back rejuvenated for the remainder of the year.
Yes, this is the first day of winter. Dec. 22 and winter is here to stay until March 21. You may not believe it is winter, if you go by the temperature and lack of snow, and stories throughout the state of robins being seen. We guess the migratory birds are not exactly sure of the season.
The sale of Christmas Seals in Waconia amounted to $60. The quota was set at $60 and it is gratifying that we made it, according to Mr. Paul Hamre, who was in charge of the campaign. He wishes to thank Mrs. H.O. Lobitz, Mrs. R. Greengo, Mrs. P. Glaeser, Mrs. Erwin Splettstoesser, Mrs. Ben Buelow and Mrs. Tollef Birkeland for their help.
About 150 people attended the PTA card party. Mrs. Burke won a permanent wave at Neumann’s Beauty Shop. Mr. Lipp won five gallons of gas. Wm Graff won a box of stationary from Tester Drug. Mrs. Knotz won a bracelet from Willems Jewelry.
Cologne – Math Lauman of Waconia, visited with relatives and friends here on Tuesday. Mrs. Henry Kohls entertained her card club on Thursday afternoon.

100 Years Ago – Dec. 26, 1902
Now is the time to buy new lamps. Throw your kerosene stinkpots onto the ash pile and replace them with lamps that don’t clog your lungs with foreign matter which engenders microbes and fills your breathing tubes with sooty deposits that breed nasal, stomachic and intestinal catarrh, polypi and tapeworms, besides causing cataract and premature decay of the organs of vision. As everyone knows the kerosene lamp is detrimental to the human race. Destroy them!
Frog catching is a great industry and people have become expert frog catchers. It is a pastime with old and young and the common salutation is: “How many frogs this morning?” Everybody catches frogs and it has caused them to be very nimble. They pay their preacher in frog legs as they are legal tender at a cent apiece. They string the legs together like dried apples and sell them at so much per yard. One minister got 8 rods of them on salary at 75 cents per yard. The bustles are turned into frog baskets and their pitchforks into spears. It has been a good year for farmers too, although the weather caught their oats and the frost their corn their pollywog crop was good and their frog crop has ripened without accident.