1-16-14 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Is global warming just another political agenda?

To the editor:

As we endure a real Minnesota winter, we now have experienced the dreaded “polar vortex.” It didn’t take but two days to blame this Arctic air outbreak on man-made (anthropogenic) global warming (AGW), or “climate change” (CC). This is the familiar tactic of the environmental left which never misses an opportunity to demonize mans’ use of fossil fuels. Never mind that this event has taken place in ‘96, ‘85, ‘77 and ‘74. The media will breathlessly report this is another indicator of an impending catastrophe.
The science of climatology is a complex study. A combination of chemistry, physics, math, meteorology, oceanography plus other disciplines are involved. Very few people understand it and therefore become easy victims by those willing to alter it.
The average citizen wants to be a good steward and therefore believes the research. But a rational thinking person must have some degree of skepticism to accept that AGW/CC is responsible for every climate anomaly and extreme. If we accept that premise, then what would “climatic cooling” cause, burned toast?
Don’t you find it odd that every solution to AGW/CC is another government regulation, tax or program? That you are incapable of making a responsible decision? Don’t these actions suspiciously mirror a certain political parties philosophy? In the enviro-blog sites I lurk in, there is a constant demand for the government to take more control. My view is that scientists are making a mockery of “scientific theory” while hiding behind their lab coats promoting their personal political agendas. Remember the East Anglia email scandal?
The Russian icebreaker recently stuck in Antarctic ice went there to measure a shrinking ice pack and an increase in CO2. The irony here underscores the denial of the enviro-movement as data seems to indicate global cooling might be the trend. This would be more devastating to mankind than warming. It is interesting to note that the 1974 “vortex” I cited earlier was blamed on global cooling in a Times magazine story.
I submit we are being preyed upon by a cabal of scientists and politicians using altered data to promote a political agenda.
The EPA is making regulatory law with very little Congressional oversight. The real motive is to save government, instead of Mother Earth. We should be more concerned about the “polar vortex” coming from Washington than the Arctic.

Joe Polunc

MCCL March for Life to be held on Wed., Jan. 22

To the editor:

Next week, Wednesday, Jan. 22, will mark the 41st anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand for all ninths of pregnancy.
Minnesota Concerned Citizens for Life will again sponsor the MCCL March for Life at our state capitol in St. Paul Jan. 22 at noon. This march commemorates 41 years of unborn babies killed by abortion. Approximately 56 million little lives have been slaughtered under the death cry of “Right to Choose” since 1973. We encourage pro-life citizens to brave the winter weather and join the march.
Pro-life laws are saving lives in Minnesota and turning back the horrific culture of death. In 2013 alone, a total of 42 U.S. abortion centers have shut down. Fewer abortion clinics mean fewer unborn babies are aborted.
Through pregnancy care centers and other life-affirming organizations, we are teaching citizens the truth about the suffering abortion inflicts on unborn babies. Through ultrasound, mothers can see the life God has created within their womb.
As Christian citizens, we reach out with compassion and Christ’s love to those who are suffering spiritual consequences of past abortions. They feel their sin is unforgivable. But the good news we can share with them comes from God’s word. Jesus forgives sin!
God sent His Son, Jesus, to this universe to be born as a baby in Bethlehem, to become like one of us, to be the Savior of the world. His love was demonstrated and confirmed on the cross, and His continual presence comes through the empty tomb. This is the hope we need to share, as we celebrate the sanctity of human life.

Helen Bunge