2-6-14 CCN Letters to the Editor

Pipeline offers Obama a chance to take action

To the editor:

On Friday, Jan. 31, the U.S. State Department released its final report on the Keystone Pipeline. After five years of debate it appears the reality of the project is near. But is it? Historically the pipeline went through a variety of concerns. Environmental groups typically move the goal post, making permitting harder to achieve. The reality is they do not want this project to be built, period.
Before Friday was over, the enviro-left objected to the accuracy of the report and stated the pipeline would increase our dependency on fossil oil. Previously, their argument was increased dependency on foreign oil. Yes, moving the goal post again.
Yet their “green alternatives” are not close to being viable solutions. All the while they enjoy the benefits of technological advancements much of which came from the petrochemical industry. Let’s not forget the thousands of spin-off uses and products too.
In the past two weeks, due to a “freedom of information” ruling, numerous EPA emails were released. It has now been revealed that the EPA has been secretly communicating and strategizing with tax exempt environmental groups. Specifically, The Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund. The correspondence shows the main focus was on stopping Keystone and killing the coal industry.
Of course nothing will happen given this administration’s ethical standards and the compliant media will bury the story.
All this does not preclude the necessity for common sense regulatory measures and strict enforcement of our industries. Wise use and good stewardship must be a component of our natural resource use. However, we now see the EPA and their special interests have teamed up to become judge, jury and executioner.
Readers, we must educate ourselves to these injustices and speak out.
President Obama has an important decision to make. The economic benefit of the 1,200 mile pipeline is significant. In his recent State of the Union Address, he said he would be a “man of action.” This is a chance for him to act on a real “shovel ready” project. Will Congressional Republicans use this occasion to “help” the President?
The Keystone project is more than a pipeline. It represents a crossroad with America’s energy policies. Undoubtedly the enviro-left will be pressuring the President to reject the project as it has become their signature issue. The economic certainty is that over 800,000 barrels of Alberta crude oil will be recovered daily. What remains to be decided is whether it flows to Texas or China.
With these issues predicated on a false science, just how foolish will we be?

Joe Polunc