Holy Family kicks off ‘Water Week’

By Laura Kubisiak

On Feb. 3, Holy Family kicked off its first ever Water Week.
It’s a week dedicated to conserving and appreciating the abundance of clean water that we are so fortunate to have.
This past summer, a group of students traveled to Ethiopia and witnessed a lifestyle that is very different from our own. Without having clean water readily available, the Ethiopians have to carry water in large buckets several miles every day just to get semi-clean water to their homes. The students at our sister school, Bisrate Gabriel, have one meager water spout to provide them with clean water and would be ecstatic to have multiple functioning water fountains.
At Holy Family, we have numerous clean water fountains for the community to use, yet many students choose to ignore the fountains and buy water bottles at lunch.
Not only are we neglecting the abundance of water that we already have, but we are also creating an enormous amount of plastic waste.
With somewhere around 58 million plastic water bottles in landfills, we are creating a massive amount of waste, and this number is only getting larger.
In order to try and cut back on this excess plastic, Holy Family is selling reusable water bottles until the end of the week. There are two different types of water bottles for sale: a Camelbak, which costs $15, and a regular water bottle, which costs $5. Both of the water bottles with have the saying “Water is Life, Sanitation is Dignity” on them, which is painted on the single fountain at Bisrate Gabriel. The water bottles are being pre-ordered, so if you would like to buy a water bottle, sign up during any lunch period this week.
In order to raise money for our sister school, Holy Family is holding “Coin Wars,” which will be going on for the rest of Water Week. Each grade is competing against each other to get the most amount of points in their bucket located in Burke commons.
Any type of coin counts for positive points according to the value, so students should put coins in their own jar. However, any bills count as negative points, and students should put them in other jars.
Our goal is to raise $2,000, and half of that will go to our sister schools in Ethiopia to buy them necessary school supplies.
The other half of the money will pay for two refillable water stations at Holy Family, which are a great way to promote reusable water bottles.
As an added bonus, the grade that has the most amount of points at the end of the week will get donuts after convocation on Monday, Feb. 10. Bring your money to support conservation of water and the students at our sister schools!

Laura Kubisiak is a senior who writes for the online newspaper at Holy Family Catholic High School.