Mayer examines its approach to snow removal

By Lorrie Ham

Managing the season’s snow removal was a topic for discussion at the Jan. 27 Mayer City Council meeting. City staffers met with their snow removal contractor, Nick Molnau, earlier that day and provided a report for the council.
In his report, public works employee Kyle Kuntz noted that through Jan. 23, city staff had tended to the streets on eight different days for plowing new or drifted snow and/or sanding. Molnau was called in two times, for snowfalls of two and five inches. Molnau is called in at the discretion of the public works department.
Kuntz is working on a policy that will alternate plowing between the Hidden Creek and Coldwater Crossing developments so the same one isn’t always plowed out last. There are about 200 homes in each of the two biggest developments in the city.
The snow routes were also discussed, including opening the main streets first and then going back and plowing curb to curb. The council gave Kuntz the authority to call in extra equipment as needed. On snowfall events of four or more inches, Molnau will be asked to bring in two trucks.
The council also approved an education plan as part of the city’s local water management plan to be implemented in coordination with the Carver County Water Management Organization (CCWMO). The ongoing plan will provide educational opportunities for the public and city staff.
City Administrator Luayn Murphy explained that the city’s water management plan had been updated in 2013 and approved by Carver County and the Metropolitan Council last June. The next step involves the educational component of the plan.
The education plan will include press releases, workshops, electronic sign messages, kids’ activities and more, all focused on increasing awareness on managing stormwater runoff. Programs and tools have been developed at different levels for city officials, staff, property owners, residents and students.
In another matter, the council welcomed Dennis Clark to the Mayer Fire Department.
As recommended by the Park Board, the council also approved a service contract with Wayzata Timing Results for the Mayer 5K to be held on June 7. The cost for the company to administer the race is $300 plus mileage.
The council authorized staff to apply for the Twins Youth Clinic, to be held in conjunction with the city’s rising Community Festival on July 12. The program, for girls and boys ages 6-16, teaches basic fundamentals of baseball and provides positive messages about staying in school and not using drugs or alcohol.
In a related matter, the Park Board recommended that the city coordinate with local communities to offer a coaching program offered through the MN Twins Community Fund. Administrator Murphy said that the staff has contacted Watertown-Mayer Community Education about assisting with the program.