Cologne Academy students compete in Knowledge Bowl

A3-CA KnowledgeBowlCMYK
Members of the Cologne Academy Knowledge Bowl team gather around the trophy the school earned at the Metro Knowledge Bowl Finals held in Edina on Feb. 6. (Submitted photo)

Cologne Academy’s Knowledge Bowl Team finished in 4th place at the Metro Knowledge Bowl Finals held in Edina on Thursday, Feb. 6. Members of the winning team include Kathryn Jans (gr. 6) of St. Bonifacius, Mitchell Jans (gr. 8) of St. Bonifacius, Jacob Mapstone (gr. 7) of Chaska, Lauren Pelletier (gr. 8) of Norwood Young America, and Grace Wille (gr. 8) of Waconia.
Sixty-five teams from 24 different Middle Schools competed in the Finals. Knowledge Bowl tournaments promote academic achievement and reward academic excellence. During a meet, teams of students work cooperatively to solve oral and written questions. Questions are related to all areas of learning and test students’ recall and problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and ability to work as a team.
“We are very proud of our students,” said Lynn G. Peterson, executive director of Cologne Academy. “Cologne Academy’s Core Knowledge Curriculum provides a strong, proven course of study, giving our students the foundation to compete successfully.”
Two more teams from Cologne Academy competed in the tournament. Other members of Knowledge Bowl are: Lawson Beck (gr. 7) of Waconia, Olivia Beresford (gr. 7) of Cologne, Kristyn Buetow (gr. 7) of Cologne, Hanna Engel (gr. 8) of Carver, Jordon Knutson (gr. 8) of Waconia, Aaron Maxa (gr. 6) of Chaska, Maddie Moeller (gr. 6) of Cologne, Nick Sazdoff (gr. 7) of Carver, Sophie Sazdoff (gr. 6) of Carver, Sally Schelitzche (gr. 8) of Waconia, and Cecily Thomas (gr. 6) of Minnetrista. Coaches are Carly Boehm, Kim Friedrich, Sue Prater, Erin Slavik and Helen Suhr.
To learn more about Cologne Academy and the Core Knowledge Curriculum, call (952) 466-2276.