Waconia offers tips to deal with frozen water lines

According to officials with the city of Waconia, the community experienced its first frozen water service line to a property due to the deep penetrating frost conditions and cold temperatures this past week. The property owner contacted city staff quickly to aid in diagnosing the problem,  and the process to thaw the pipe began resulting in the water service being able to be restored. City maintenance staff has provided a few tips to monitor your water service, and offer suggestions on what to do if you experience a frozen line.
•    Monitor water flow in the nearest to the outside fixture closely. Run your cold water for a couple of minutes and then take the temperature of the water. If it is below 36 degrees Fahrenheit contact the Public Services Department at 952-442-2615 so that staff can come evaluate your water service.
•    If your water service does freeze please contact the City. The City recommends working with a plumbing contractor that uses hot water thawing techniques. We do not recommend using electrical or welder thawing techniques.
•    Do not put liquid chemicals such as anti-freeze into the water service. This can contaminate the water supply.
•    The most likely spot for water lines to freeze is where it enters the house/building.
•    Make sure to clear the area of storage items so warmer air can reach the pipes. This may mean removing items from a vanity cabinet or in a utility room.
•    There may be no warning or indication that your water line will freeze. In some instances you may experience a drop in water pressure prior to the line freezing.
•    There is no rhyme or reason to which property is most likely to experience frozen water service. Properties new and old in age can experience this issue.