3-6-14 CCN Letters to the Editor

Community supports summer reading program

To the editor:

On Feb. 6, 2014, a unique event occurred.
The Carver County Library Foundation – “A Tradition!” fundraising event was held at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre in order to raise money for the Carver County Library Summer Reading Program, which combines a variety of programming that encourages summer reading amongst youth and so discourages the summer slump in reading skills. The support for the Library was so strong that the event sold out a week ahead of time.
A gala-like atmosphere surrounded the special auditorium at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre as Mary Booth, President of the Library Foundation of Carver County, and Nick Dimassis, Director of the Carver County Library, expressed their appreciation to the many sponsors of the event and all those who had purchased tickets and were attending that night. It was a wonderful evening for all attendees. Organizers noted it was the sponsorship of library supporters and sponsors Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, Luther Bloomington Hyundai, Dolce Vita Wine Shop, Chanhassen Floral, and Byerley’s that launched this project.
It was your commitment to community and belief in the value of encouraging our children to keep reading during the summer that compelled you to give and, as such, made this project a success.

Mary Booth, President,
Library Foundation of Carver County
James Weygand, President,
Carver County Library Board

(Editor’s Note: The names of four other members of the Foundation and five other members Board were also included on this letter.)

President Reagan’s model would still be valid today

To the editor:

The ongoing events in the Ukraine will occupy our attention for the foreseeable future.
What was only delayed by the Olympics has now been implemented by the Russian government. Perceiving a weak and disorganized “West,” Putin is on the move. By historical default, the “West” is lead by the U.S. and now we are searching for direction. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, we have never seen such a brazen display of power.
Putin is a former KGB operative playing three dimensional chess. Obama is a “community organizer” engaged in tic tac toe. Our president has surrounded himself with Ivy League ideologues who have no real world experience. Putin is a street thug who cares little of what the international sentiment might be.
Secretary of State John Kerry has stated this isn’t an issue between the U.S. and Russia. This demonstrates how out of touch this administration is and its inability to analyze correctly. The rest of the world is watching to see how the U.S. responds. Our inability to project strength and a clear foreign policy sends the wrong message to countries such as: China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran  and other radical Islamic factions.
We had a president in the 1980s who grew our economy and modernized the military.
The intent was not to use force but to project an overwhelming superiority of strength that no one would contemplate any offensive action. The combination of these two strengths broke up the Soviet Union for over 20 years. Russia still has a second rate economy but now a first rate military. President Reagan’s model is still valid today. But we have faltered.
We presently have an administration filled with apologists for our country.
We are unilaterally disarming and failing to ignite our economic engines. This projects weakness to which our adversaries fully realize. Putin obviously believes his benefits outweigh any risks to his standing. He clearly will secure Russia’s only warm water naval port in the Crimean peninsula. He will control the success of any “peace talks” until he has completed his mission. Will that be a total occupation of Ukraine? Will the West trade occupation for peace?
The present scenario will rile the world markets and adversely effect economies. Crude oil prices will rise. With a strong U.S. economy and a clearly defined foreign policy Russia may have taken a different path. Putin has demonstrated that he too has a pen and a phone and is willing to use it. The sad fact is our president missed another 2 a.m. phone call.

Joe Polunc