Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, the regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Waconia was called to order by Mayor Jim Nash at 6:00 p.m. The following members were present: Lynn Ayers, Jim Nash, Marc Carrier, and Kent Bloudek, Charles Erickson
Staff Present: Susan Arntz, Shane Fineran, Nicole Lueck, Lane Braaten, Craig Eldred, Craig Sinclair, Angie Perera, Mike Melchert, Jake Saulsbury, Wannetta Stangret
Visitors: Todd Moen, Parents of Boy Scouts, Sheriff Olson, Sargent Mark Williams, Betty Covington-Nego, Don Andersen, Scott Hughes, Kellie Sites, Adam Steffl, John Prondzinski, Mark Nordland
Presentation of the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance was led by Waconia Boy Scout Park 372, Den 9
The following motions were approved:
Adopt the Agenda as presented.
Adopt the Consent Agenda as amended.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-70, Approving The Revolving Loan Request for Betty Covington-Nego-Keepers of Waconia, LLC.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-71, Approving the Revolving Loan Request for Paul Bunn Bunn Property Holdings, LLC.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-62, Approving a One Foot Variance from the Maximum Height Requirement for a Rear Yard Fence for the Property Located at 715 Old Beach Lane, Waconia.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-66, Approving a Site Plan for the Good Samaritan Society with the Recommended Conditions.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-67, Approving Variances for Construction of an Underground Tunnel Connection.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-68, Approving a Variance for a Reduced Setback for a Trash Enclosure for the Good Samaritan Society Property.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-69, Approving a Variance for a Cardboard Baler Enclosure for the Good Samaritan Society Property.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-64, Approving a Site Plan for Ridgeview Medical Center Located at 560 Maple Street and 478 Cherry Drive.
Motion to Deny Request for Waiver of Fees by Developer of Caribou/Brueggers and to Follow Policy.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-73, Approving Quote for Website Services and Authorizing Contract.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-63, Approval of 2014 Infrastructure Improvement Project Design and Authorize Project for Bid.
Motion to Adopt 2014 Legislative Priorities.
Adopt Resolution No. 2014-55, Accepting Retirement and Authorizing Recruitment
Adjourn at 8:50 p.m.
/s/ Jim Nash, Mayor
/s/ Wannetta Stangret,
Office Assistant

3/13/14, Waconia Patriot, Feb 18 Reg Min, 187559

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