3-27-14 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Obama’s leadership has marginalized the nation

To the editor:

Barack Obama’s decision to transfer control of the internet to an as yet unnamed international body is a stunning reminder that he is indeed a post-America, post-constitutional globalist, with little regard for our liberties and our future as a sovereign nation.
Even Bill Clinton is opposed to this decision, which will clearly diminish America’s ability to enable the unfettered spread of the truth, news and ideas worldwide. It will instead enhance the potential for worldwide control of communications. If one word describes what the domestic and international left pursue relentlessly, above all else, it’s “control!” Economic, political, and legal control over all of us, and foreign control of internet communication will certainly advance this left wing endgame vision.
(From Bloomberg BusinessWeek) “An organization called ICANN currently controls the internet and is a nonprofit with a complex, international governance structure of what it calls ‘stakeholders,’ a group that includes governments, corporations, and civil society activists. But it has operated, ultimately, under a contract from the U.S. Department of Commerce.” The new controlling international body, possibly the U.N., will have the potential to reduce free speech worldwide by way of domain name control. This would please the many thugs who control nations where civil rights do not exist. And while domain names now cost a small amount to own, who is to say that an international internet body with control over domain registrations might not want thousands of dollars or more from anyone wishing to maintain a current domain name, or purchase a new one!
An “America First” kind of president would never enable this. But then no “America First” president would have Barack Obama’s contempt for constitutional law, as manifested by his rewrites of Obamacare, his orders not to enforce immigration law, etc.
In June 2010, Obama told an audience that any world order must necessarily contain no superpower in order to succeed. Translated, Americans must accept the fact that our status as superpower must end. This insight into Obama’s world vision explains a great deal!
With much encouragement from journalists, educators and entertainers, Americans have twice elected as president a globalist and community organizer who is simply not an American at heart and has little or no regard for our constitution. What many Americans fail to understand are the severe long-term consequences of a marginalized America, stripped of the military, economic and legal means to protect our accumulated wealth, which is the basis for our standard of living.
Will Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar speak out to demand a reversal of this disastrous decision? Or will they continue to be the compliant Barack Obama rubber stamps they’ve been up to now?

Vince Beaudette