Clearwater’s Pennies for Patients fundraiser raises $14,000+

A banner is unveiled showing the total amount raised during this year’s Pennies for Patients fundraiser at Clearwater Middle School in Waconia. (Submitted photo)

Clearwater Middle School recently completed its Pennies for Patients event that benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. During the two week period dedicated for fundraising, the community, students, and staff were able to raise an outstanding $14,274.05, which included 158,914 pennies!
To raise money, students had the opportunity to purchase popcorn and Lipsuckers, wear hats, participate in carnival games, listen to music at lunch, and delay the start of first hour. Principal Peter Gustafson also volunteered to be duct taped to a pillar in support of the cause.
School officials appreciate all the families that dined at Unhinged Pizza on a night where 10 percent of proceeds went to the Pennies for Patients event. As a result, nine homeroom teachers followed through and took a whip cream pie to the face because their classes were able to meet the $500 classroom goal.
The staff of KleinBank also provided support in counting the collected donations.
Clearwater officials thank everyone who supported and donated to the fundraiser. Because of the joint efforts of the students, staff, and community, Clearwater Middle School placed second in the tri-state area for most money raised.
Officials look forward to adding to their $61,769.31 cumulative total next year.