Central student musicians showcase talents

Under the direction of Emily Dyess and accompanied by Bryce Noeldner, members of the Chamber Singers perform “Keep Your Lamps” during a performance for Central Middle School students last Thursday morning. The group was among those who took part in the solo-ensemble competition by the Minnesota State High School League. Pictured are, first row: Parry Larson, April Feist, Nicole Johnson, Abby Hawkenson, Emily Cardinal and Jennifer Oelfke. Second row: Nick Forner, Jon Braunwarth, Jordan Kohls, Blake Teubert, Lucas Rognli and Alex Kayser. (NYA Times staff photo by Adam Gruenewald)

Standout Central High School musicians and singers performed for the Middle School students on last Thursday morning, highlights of the solo/ensemble competition of the Minnesota State High School League.

The groups are under the direction of Central Choral Director Emily Dyess.

The event challenges students to learn pieces of music for competition that are designed for solo/duet/trio/quartet/small group/small ensemble.

Students are judged on the following criteria out of 40 points: Tone Quality (clarity, consistency, control, focus, warmth), Intonation (Accuracy of printed pitches, consistency of pitch, with accompaniment/ensemble), Rhythm (accuracy of note and rest values, correctness of meters, duration of beats, pulse, steadiness), Balance and Blend (accompaniment, awareness, Technique (facility/accuracy) (attacks, releases, control of ranges, mechanical skill), Interpretation/Musicianship (dynamics, emotional involvement, artistry, phrasing, style, tempo), Diction (vocal)/Articulation (winds)/Execution (percussion), Other Performance Factors (choice of literature, facial expression (vocal), general conduct, mannerisms, poise, and posture).

Students are ranked in each of the above categories out of five, which are then combined to determine rankings, ranging from fair to superior.Among the soloist highlighted at the Thursday concert were Parry Larson, “Il mio bel foco,” received a superior rating; Emily Cardinal, “Vittoria, mio core,” received a superior rating; Karl Dettman on trumpet, “Rondo Cappriccio,” received a superior rating; Blake Teubert, “Caro mio ben,” received a superior rating; Jon Braunwarth, “Pieta Signore,” received an excellent rating; and Bryce Noeldner on drum kit, “All Set,”  received a superior rating at contest.

Also, snare duet Bryce Noeldner and Isaac Hormann played “Ram and Jam” and received a superior rating.

The Central Chamber Singers, a 12-member select ensemble that sings primarily acapella music, performed “Keep Your Lamps” and received a superior rating at contest. Members include Parry Larson, April Feist, Nicole Johnson, Abby Hawkenson, Emily Cardinal, Jennifer Oelfke, Nick Forner, Jon Braunwarth, Jordan Kohls, Blake Teubert, Lucas Rognli and Alex Kayser with percussionist Bryce Noeldner.

I have provided spreadsheets of all of our students who went to solo/ensemble contest band/vocal and the scores that they received.


Final Rankings for Central

Solo/Ensemble Rankings

Duet Soprano I/Soprano II, Pie Jesu, Olivia Andersen/Taylor Wetzel, E; Soprano solo, Il Mio Bel Foco, Parry Larson, S; Tenor/Baritone Solo , Pieta Signore, Jon Braunwarth, E;  Bass Solo, Caro mio ben, Blake Teubert, S; Alto Solo, Vittoria, mio core!, Emily Cardinal, S; Mezz-Soprano Solo, Per la Gloria D’adoravvi, Nicole Johnson, S; Soprano Solo, Amarilli, mia bella, April Feist, S; Mezz-Soprano Solo, Gia il Sole Dal Gange, Libby Baumgartner, s; Soprano Solo, Alma del Core, Olivia Andersen , S; Alto Solo, Vittoria, mio core!, Abby Hawkenson, S; Bass Solo, Sebben, Crudele, Luke Kleindl, S; SATB mixed, Keep Your Lamps, Chamber Singers, S

Band Rankings

Flute Solo, Pavane, Abbie Schnabel, E; Flute Solo, Faure, Parry Larson, E; Alto Sax Solo, Honor and Arms, Lexi Eggers, S; Alto Sax Solo, Honor and Arms, Alex Kayser, E; Clarinet Solo, Allegretto Grazioso, Kayla Engelstad, S; Clarinet Solo, Ballade, Beth George, E; Trumpet Solo, The Dancer, Josh Hendel, E; Trumpet Solo, Meadowlark, Anthony Van Haften, E; Alto Sax Solo, Andante & Allegro, Erich Dettmann, S; Clarinet Duet, Allegro p.69, Sons, Stockman, E; Trumpet Solo, Air, Alex Meeker, E; Alto Sax Duet, Arkansas Travler, Lueck, Eggers, S; Trumpet Solo, Trumpet Tune “Heroic”, Luke Kleindl, E; Clarinet Solo, Ravel , Matt Huepenbecker, S; Trumpet Solo, Waltz Chromatic, Chase Heuer, S; Trombone Solo, Canzonetta, Zach Howard, S; Trombone Trio, Trombone Contrasts, Stuewe, Lagergren, Simons, S; Trumpet Solo, Rondo Cappriccio, Karl Dettmann, S; Alto Sax Solo, Allegro Brillante, Mariah Lueck, S; Alto Sax Solo, Polovtsian Dance, Libby Baumgartner, E; Drum Set Solo, All Set, Bryce Noeldner, S; Snare Duet, Bombastic, Pederson/Erpenbach, E; Snare Duet, Ram and Jam, Hormann/Noeldner, S; Snare Solo, Funkster, Mitchell Kells, S; Drum Set Solo, All Set, Alex Eichner, S; Snare Solo, Funkster, Devon Dvorak, E