Early intervention services available for families with young children

CCN-HelpMeGrowCMYKParents know their child best. Parents may be the first to notice that their child is developing differently from other babies, toddlers or young children. Pay attention to your parental instincts.
If you have questions about your child’s development or behavior, contact your child’s healthcare provider or call Carver County Help Me Grow at (952) 567-8210. The Help Me Grow contact person will talk with you about your concerns, provide information about the Watertown-Mayer School District Early Intervention Services and connect you with their program staff.
Throughout Minnesota, families who are concerned about the development of their children ages birth to 3 years old may be eligible for Early Intervention Services through their local school district. The term Early Intervention refers to services given to very young children with special needs, generally from birth until the child turns 3 years of age.
The Watertown-Mayer School District Early Childhood Intervention Team assists parents with identifying areas of development in which their child may need support, such as learning to roll over, talking, using a spoon during meals, playing with toys, behavior concerns or other developmental milestones.
Children who are eligible for early intervention services can receive the supportive services at no cost regardless of income or immigration status. Early childhood specialists will help find community resources and early childhood programs for children not eligible for school district early intervention services.
The Watertown-Mayer School District’s mission is to promote young children’s growth and development.
The early intervention staff partners with families to build supportive and caring relationships by coaching and empowering families to foster child and family learning. The team develops a family plan with services which will address any delays in development, with the goal that children will not need specialized education services in the future.
Early intervention staff assist families in determining if their child needs continued support.
Early childhood specialists available through the Watertown- Mayer School District include an Early Intervention Teacher Speech/Language Clinician, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Audiologist, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher, Behavior/Autism Specialist and Vision Specialist.
Children and families receiving early intervention services will have one early intervention specialist as their primary service provider. The primary service provider will schedule regular home visits and other specialists on the child’s team will periodically join the primary service provider during the home visits. The specialists provide strategies, information and resources related to their expertise.
The frequency of home visits is based on the child’s developmental needs and the family’s priorities. Early Intervention services are provided in the child and family’s natural environments. This may include your home, child care or community settings such as Early Childhood Family Education classes or library story time.
Parents, together with the early childhood intervention specialists, explore and develop strategies that will support their child’s growth and learning throughout their day.
Please contact Carver County Help Me Grow at (952) 567-8210 if you have questions about your child’s development or would like more information about early intervention services. Toll free you can call: 1-866-693-4769 for all districts in Minnesota. Visit www.helpmegrowmn.org for more information and resources.
The Watertown-Mayer School District #111, Early Childhood Coordinator, Jan Eastvold, can be contacted at [email protected]