4-17-14 Down Memory Lane

By Elsie Machtemes

10 Years Ago – April 15, 2004
The annual Waconia Lions Easter Egg Hunt and costume parade was held at Bayview Elementary School. Winners of the costume parade were: Madeline Vierkand, Farmington, Sally Scheuble, Waconia, Matthew Landin, Waconia, Lilliana Plagge, Cologne, Meredith Varble, Waconia, McKenzie Mack, Waconia and Jonathon Butz, Waconia. Each received a $50 savings bond from the Waconia Lions.
PATRIOT FORUM: What do you do to help around the house? “Clear the table and help out with the dog.”-Rebecca Nelson-St. Boni. “Make my bed.”-Kendall Meuwissen-Waconia. “I feed our dogs.”-Caroline Jacobs-Waconia. “Sometimes I do the dishes.”-Emma Skerik-Waconia.
Mayer-Robbie Holms, Jon Schwartz and Neil Willmsen were named All-Conference and Blake Zabel was All Conference Honorable Mention for the Mayer Lutheran High School basketball team. The Crusaders finished 13-1 in the Minnesota River Conference for its second consecutive conference title.
New Germany –Brittney Lechner took sixth place in the Knights of Columbus state free throw tournament held at Target Center. She won competitions in Waconia, Excelsior and New Prague.
Bart and Amy Meath of Waconia announce the birth of their son Joseph. Joseph is welcomed home by his sister, Natalie, 21 months.

25 Years Ago – April 13, 1989
Music from the 50s and 60s will come alive in the Waconia High School Auditorium when the Waconia High School Pop Group performs. Members of the group are Kristina Beck, Pat Daubert, Beth Fellows, Heidi Fellows, Elaine Foss, Andrew Gilbert, Char Hoen, Connie Jenkins, Marcus Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Tim Jones, David LaValle, Jason Rightler, Allen Sauerbrey, Julie Siegle, Christy Thurk, Mike Tollefsrud, Jason Zimmerman, Shelly Hilgers, Brad Ess and Julie Volby.
Volunteer Recognition Week is being observed throughout the state. One of the many places that theme is evident in Waconia is at the Once Again Shoppe in the American Legion Building on Olive Street. Volunteers whose service has helped provide clothing, shoes and other items to hundreds of county residents in need are: Florence Truwe, Alice Lenzen, Mary Schenk, Florence Schmitz, Eveline Zimmerman, Lydia Winkel, Marcella Reinke and Lois Chadfield. Many of these women have volunteered their services for more than 10 or 15 years.
The Waconia Double Talk Club will be hosting the state convention. This organization consists of women with twins. The Waconia club was started in 1980 by Bonnie Peverstorf, Gloria Radde and Bonnie Wagener. Its purpose has been to provide support for mothers of multiples. There are currently 35 active members.
PEOPLE”S FORUM: If you could be president of the United States for just one day, what would you do? “Help out the poor, hungry and homeless.”-Bill Wickenhauser-Waconia. “I’d take the White House jet and fly around the world. I’d take all sorts of tours of the White House and Washington D.C. I’ve never been there before.”-Nancy Sime-Waconia. “Take care of the money problems the banks have with Third World countries. Don’t ask me how, but I’d attempt to try it.”-Mark Stangret-Waconia. “I’d try to help the homeless by halting the illegal aliens from coming into the country.”- Bill Kanowitz-Shoreview.

50 Years Ago – April 16. 1964
Arnold Westphal, manager of the Waconia Creamery Association is the state champion buttermaking champion. He received a near perfect score of 99.83. Others from Waconia who were on the “Honor Roll” are Ralph Hilk with 99.67, Werner F. Thom with 99.50 and Oliver A. Wolff with a score of 99.00.
The First National Bank of Waconia has announced that two local high school students, James Connors and Sandra Bertram have been named to attend the Fourth Annual Economic Conference for Young Adults to be held in Minneapolis. They were selected by school authorities here in Waconia.
During the windstorm Monday considerable damage was done in the area with roofs and buildings damaged, trees uprooted, with hundreds of claims being filed with insurance agencies in Waconia, Victoria, St. Bonifacius, Cologne, Mayer and New Germany. Eighty mph winds were reported. Blackie Erhard’s car was smashed when a large tree fell on it. It was parked on the street east of the John Henke home. Blackie bought the car two weeks ago, and last Saturday equipped the car with brand new tires.
Winners in last week’ sheephead tourney held at the Waconia V.F.W. included: Elmer Bahr of Waconia, Andrew Schwartz of Cologne, Walter Bauman of New Germany and Milford Dalchow and Kenneth Hill of Mayer.
Don Stahlke, Waconia, was the winner in the “Dunk the Klunk” contest sponsored by the Waconia Junior Chamber of Commerce. The car went down on Lake Waconia at 9:35 a.m. on April 8. Stahlke’s official registration was 10 a.m., Wednesday, April 8. He received a savings bond as a prize. Mark Schneewind, son of Gerald Schneewind of Waconia won the “Dunk the Klunk” contest at Young America. That car sunk on April 11. He also received a savings bond.

75 Years Ago – April 13, 1939
Marriage licenses cannot be issued to women under 21 years of age in Minnesota without consent of their parents, the state Supreme Court ruled last week.
Francis Foster “Boots” McCormick, well known in Waconia, died. He was the youngest man in the 151st field artillery, Minnesota National Guard at the time of the World war. He celebrated his 17th birthday on the transport going to France. He died of Bright’s disease. He was 39.
Cologne – Gerald Guettler who attends Creighton High School in St. Paul, spent his Easter vacation here with his home folks and friends.
SPECIALS AT THE HYDES LAKE STORE: Elmer Hoese, Prop. Nash’s Coffee, 1 lb. jar – 29 cents. Ivory soap, 3 bars – 13 cents. Garden seed packages- 25 cents. Bisquick, 40 oz. package – 29 cents.
The Benton Peg-A-Way 4-H Club met on March 13. Lois Rehwaldt gave a piano selection. Robert Stuewe gave a recitation on “How to Pick Wild Flowers.” Malinda Bruesehoff read the poem “Tree Planting.”
St. Bonifacius – The St. Bonifacius Birdhouse and Craft Contest will be held on Saturday afternoon at the St. Bonifacius Public Library.
“Darky” is a faithful helper to his master and takes great pride in carrying packages home to his mistress, Mrs. Soule. The other morning as “Darky” was on his way home with a package, he was distracted by something and put the package down. Meanwhile another dog came along, picked up the package and started down the street, but got only a little way before “Darky” discovered what was happening. He overhauled the dog in a couple of leaps and seizing the package delivered it to the home without further ado.

100 Years Ago – April 17, 1914
The balmy spring weather prevalent here Sunday enticed many from their homes into the open. It seemed that every auto in the county was out for a try out. New Easter gowns and bonnets also had a look in on the promenade. There were many new designs that were pretty and others we do not care to discuss.
Considerable complaint has been made regarding the newly graveled main road leading to Young America. It is true that the gravel is in a rather rough condition, but the proper authorities will grade it down as soon as possible.
Pioneer settler Gottlieb Radde answered the call to his Maker. His earthly remains were lowered to their last resting place in the little cemetery on the eastern outskirts of this village after appropriate funeral services at his farm home and the Lutheran church. Gottlieb was born in Lienfetz, West Prussia, Germany on July 12, 1848. He came to Waconia in 1863 when Carver County was nothing but a wilderness and Waconia was nothing but a trading post, so to speak. The funeral was the largest attended here for many years.
W. J. Kuntz is advertising the famous holeproof hosiery. There is a positive guarantee of six months and should a pair show a tear in that time a new pair will be given free of charge.