House, Senate negotiators announce compromise on medical marijuana

St. Paul, MN — Negotiators in the Minnesota House and Senate today (Thursday, May 15) announced a compromise on medical marijuana that Gov. Mark Dayton has confirmed he would sign into law.

The following is a statement from Gov. Dayton.

“This bill is citizen government at its best. It has been led by parents, who deeply love their children, are anguished by their pain, and insist their government try to help them. As a father and grandfather, I both understand and admire their devotion.

“I also congratulate the bill’s authors, Representative Carly Melin and Senator Scott Dibble, for their extraordinary efforts. I thank them for their willingness to bring together groups with very different perspectives and to work with them to achieve this result.

“Finally, I want to credit Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Health, who added his invaluable medical and public health expertise to the bill’s final deliberations.

“I look forward to signing this bill into law. And I pledge that my administration, led by Dr. Ehlinger, will do everything possible to implement it as swiftly and successfully, as is possible.”

Video courtesy of The UpTake

  • mydnytmover

    Why did Gov. Mark Dayton not listen to the people with cancer and others adults suffering? He is just using these kids for votes.