NYA Water Treatment Plant shut down; Waconia calls state of emergency to manage flood issues

South Park flood
Heavy rainfall in NYA has led to the stopping of the City of NYA Water Treatment Plant. Numerous residents have reported flooded basements and other concerns, with several areas in the area, including ball fields and South Park, turned into lakes early Thursday morning. (NYA Times staff photo by Adam Gruenewald)

The City of Norwood Young America water treatment plant has been shut down due to heavy rainfalls experience on Thursday, June 19.
Residents were notified of the decision via phone on Thursday at around 6 p.m.
“Due to the heavy rainfalls, the City of Norwood Young America sanitary sewer plant is not operational and residents are asked to limit their water usage,” said City Administrator Steve Helget in a press release. “Drinking water is perfectly safe for usage.”
Because of the issues, Waconia has extended an invitation to the affected residents to use the shower and locker room facilities at the Waconia Community Center, Safari Island, through Monday, June 23.
Bring an ID showing your address and you’ll be given free access to the shower and locker room facilities.
The facility is located at 1600 Community Drive, Waconia, MN. A map and written direction can be found in this link: http://www.waconia.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC=%7BDE5FEAF9-0D94-4B87-B8A6-999136013EA1%7D&DE=%7B9534270B-AB3D-4431-AC08-AF263E0BAB79%7D

Read more in the 6/26 NYA Times.

Waconia flood issues

In response to flooding management efforts in Waconia, Mayor Jim Nash announced an state of emergency for the city that started late on Thursday, June 19 and will run until Monday, June 23. The Waconia City Council will consider an extension of the state of emergency on Monday morning.

In the meantime, flooding has closed Sparrow Road due to flooding near the Waterford Park area. In addition, concerns about the water level in Lake Waconia have prompted officials to consider implementing a No Wake Zone for boaters on Lake Waconia that could start as early as Saturday, June 20.