6-26-14 NYA Times Letters to the Editor

Nash provides understanding, leadership

How do you measure a candidate? A candidate for political office should possess at least two qualities.

First, the individual must have a set of solid well based core beliefs that transmit themselves all the way up to a consistent and balanced public policy.

Second, the candidate must have an understanding and ability to act upon the issues.

I have met Jim Nash and assessed this individual in all the ways I know. As mayor of Waconia, Jim Nash has demonstrated the ability to provide political leadership on behalf of Waconia and the surrounding region and has demonstrated an understanding of the issues that face us today.

He has effectively worked to reduce taxes in Waconia and would be an articulate individual who can work with individuals, businesses, and industry leaders to help the citizens of not only Carver County, but Minnesota, thrive.

We need to send more individuals with conservative values to the state legislature.  If we don’t do this, Minnesota will collapse under the tax burdens, transportation costs and increased health care costs that continue to rise under our current administration.

It makes a great deal of sense to send Jim Nash to the represent the citizens of District 47A. Jim Nash is the man you should vote for.

Rick Harwood



Frey will

protect our


What is our role in government? I take it as a high privilege to be involved in local politics in the Republican Party.

It is not hard to find people who are ready to provide their ideas for the future of Minnesota, without regard for what is already established. There seems to be more people who want to add to the powers that be than there are who want to preserve what has already been passed down to us.

We don’t need more politicians in our state government who assault our liberty and private property; we need people who will uphold what is already established. The constitutions of the United States and Minnesota are the highest civil authority in the land and must be protected.

Our communities require people who know that government is accountable to “We the People.”

The constitution protects my person and property from people who would take them away from me. Many people seem to think that they are accountable to the state house, when truly the state house is accountable to my house and your house.

When we elect people for office they are to serve us; not lord over us. I revere my constitutional rights such as free speech and press, the right to bear arms, the freedom to innovate and discover, and many more. I want sound representation that will honor the constitution and the people it protects.

That is why I will vote for Bob Frey in the Primary on Aug. 12.

Sandra Dahl



Fire Depts. come through in a crisis

Once again we are so thankful for our volunteer fire department; only in small town America will you find the personal dedication that these public servants have.

On Thursday morning they were readily available to help with flooding streets and basements in Hamburg and Norwood Young America.

When an area of Hamburg lost power that day they scrambled to find generators to help with the residential sump pumps.

We were one of the recipients and as a result our water damage was kept to a doable clean up.  We need to remember these unsung heroes during the good times too so please give generously when they promote fund raisers or better yet, just make a donation to your local fire department.

Diane Hoffman and Willy Fuellner