7-10-14 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Nash would bring proven track record to St. Paul


To the editor:


I’ve lived in Waconia since 1999, which makes me a relative newcomer compared to many who have made Waconia their life-long home. I love this active and engaged community and what it has to offer. We have a wonderful downtown, expanding businesses, wonderful parks, and good schools. We’re one of the nicest communities in Carver County, if not all of Minnesota.

That hasn’t been without its struggles. We’ve had some difficulties and repeated attempts from both the state and metro area government bodies to encroach upon, unfairly regulate, and otherwise interfere with Waconia and its residents. Not that long ago they were seeking to tax our residents for services that would have almost exclusively benefited the Minneapolis/St.Paul downtown areas.

Those repeated attempts have been rebuffed largely due to the efforts of Waconia’s Mayor, Jim Nash. He’s consistently stood up for Waconia (and many surrounding communities) and helped to protect our interests. He’s spoken at the State Capitol on our behalf, worked with legislators, and been a strong advocate for civil liberties.

Jim Nash is now running for state representative. On Aug. 12, Republicans will be voting in a primary to select the person they want to support. I know that he’ll bring experience, a track record of success, and a liberty mindset to the state government where it is sorely needed. He’s fiscally responsible, a strong pro-life candidate, and he values individual liberty and privacy. I plan to support Jim in the primary and I hope you will too.


Robert Schmaltz



Facility plan is the right plan at $0 tax impact


To the editor:


On June 16, the Waconia School Board voted to move ahead with a facility plan that would relocate Waconia High School to the middle school building, add $34 million in additions to provide space for 1,600 students and build a new 600 student elementary school for $20 million. An additional $18 million would expand the high school campus to the west to accommodate additional athletic facilities, update the downtown varsity athletic field, and complete major maintenance and security upgrades at all schools.

The total cost of this plan if kept to $72 million could be accomplished without raising the annual facility levy. In other words, for the same overall payment as is currently being paid, the district could provide space for an additional roughly 1,200 students.

This plan uses existing district facility assets and leverages them to provide the core for the future. Both Clearwater Middle School (2001) and Waconia High School (1996) are almost new from a facility standpoint, being well built and maintained with many decades of service left. Past school boards made good long term decisions in providing those facilities and we honor their work by efficiently and economically leveraging those assets for maximum use into the future.

It is the right plan because while the district is not growing as fast as had been claimed in past referendums, it is growing slowly and steadily, tracking dead on with the low K-low migration scenario from the November 2010 projections. A modest increase in capacity is needed. This proposal asks for what is needed in a judicious manner. The school board has clearly been listening to the feedback of the community.

A $0 annual tax impact is also respectful of the taxpayers. While the economy has been slowly improving, middle class families still don’t have much extra spending money — the $0 tax impact is respectful of that fact and looks to not load them down with an annual tax increase. Please lobby the school board to keep the tax impact of this proposal at $0. And please join me in voting yes on this proposal on Nov. 4.


Paul Bourgeois



Experience shows that Nash works for the people


To the editor:


I saw in the news last week that Waconia Mayor Jim Nash was helping residents in NYA by arranging for showers at Safari Island in Waconia while NYA deals with flooding issues. This is not the first time that the Mayor of Waconia has went out of his way to help another community in Carver County.

About two months ago, Jim helped me craft a strategy to push back the Met Council’s misguided growth forecasts for the city of Watertown. The Met Council had the city of Watertown shrinking over the next 25 years! Imagine that. The reduced growth forecast would have been destructive to the future of Watertown and really hurt Watertown’s ability to attract investment in our community.

Knowing Jim had been successful at beating back the anti-growth policies of the Met Council in Waconia, I sought his counsel as to what to do for the city of Watertown. Jim was very helpful. He made calls on behalf of the city of Watertown, advised me on an approach and helped stop the overreach of the Met Council.

When I think of who I want to be my State Representative, that type of responsiveness and experience matters. Jim Nash understands how to create economic growth and knows that government works best when it is closest to the people. He understands that we have to push back and work to change the anti-growth policies of technocrats at the Met Council and the controlling policies of the big government politicians in St Paul.

I have seen first hand that Jim Nash understands that he works for the people. Because of his strong leadership and experience I will be voting for Jim Nash for State Representative for District 47A in the primary on Aug. 12 and in November.


Steve Washburn


(Editor’s note: Steve Washburn is a member of the Watertown City Council.)

NYA resident says Nash is proven problem solver


To the editor:


The last thing many of want hear these days is, “more rain in the forecast.” That was certainly true for me on Friday, June 20.

I was frantically getting ready for my daughter’s graduation open house when I became aware that the residents of Norwood Young America were being asked to greatly conserve their water usage due to the flooding and malfunction of the water treatment facility.

Not long after this notice, Mayor Jim Nash of Waconia took the bull by the horns and offered the residents of Norwood Young America the use of the showers and locker rooms at Safari Island. What impressed me the most about this offer was not only the gesture of kindness but also that Mayor Nash took the problem and came up with a solution for our residents.

Many people can complain about difficult circumstances and sometimes, rightfully so. But a true leader creates solutions to the problems. I was grateful to Mayor Nash for being a problem solver that weekend and I expect that he will continue to be a leader and problem solver in the future.


LeAnn Smith

Norwood Young America


Frey would work to protect the people of District 47A


To the editor:


Author, Geoffrey Parker, describes for us in his book, “Global Crisis: War, Climate Change & Catastrophe in the Seventeenth Century,” the scene in England during part of the 1620s and 1630s, when years of bad weather produced economic upheaval. On top of that, the King decided to rule without Parliament (sound familiar?), and the country was headed toward civil war.

Both the British Parliament and our country’s state legislators are charged with a role similar to that of the Magna Charta Sureties, (the 13th century English baron’s, chosen to make sure the King did not infringe on the hard won liberties of the people).

To ensure that our Minnesota State Legislature is equipped to protect us from overreach by Washington, and an over-zealous president, who would claim king-like powers for himself, we must take care to elect representatives of the highest integrity, understanding and courage.

District 47A candidate, Bob Frey, is my choice for this job. I hope to see a big voter turnout and overwhelming support for Bob Frey in the Aug. 12 Republican Primary.


Vada Larson



Nash will lead, work with both sides of the aisle


To the editor:


Fellow Carver County citizens, I am writing in support of Jim Nash in the state representative election.

As the mayor of Waconia Mr. Nash has provided common sense leadership that has led to a growing number of homes and businesses in that community. He has worked for lower taxes and fees and held local government accountable to the people.

What I appreciate most about Mr. Nash is his willingness to communicate with people on “both sides of the aisle.”

I believe he would represent all Carver County residents well. Representation and leadership will be hallmarks of his service.

Vote for Jim Nash in the Primary Election on Aug. 12.


W. Curtis Whisler, M.D.



Feed My Sheep to celebrate 9th anniversary on July 16


To the editor:


Thank you, Waconia, and Carver County for your generous and loving support of the nonprofit organization Feed My Sheep.

We would like to invite you to our 9th birthday celebration on Wednesday, July 16 from 5:30 to 6:15 p.m. at 209 E. 2nd St., a hospitable space generously provided by the Waconia Moravian church.

Feed My Sheep is a bi-weekly community dinner, but, oh, so much more than that. A place where everyone who walks in the door is welcomed and recognized for their unsurpassable worth.

We are happy, sad, angry, beautiful, young, old, bald, hairy, smart, educated, uneducated, widowed, married, single parents, busy, lonely, extraordinary people. In short, we are Feed My Sheep where everyone belongs. Please join us for this special birthday, you are Feed My Sheep.


Dawn Ascher



Writers say Frey believes in ‘first principles’ of Constitution


To the editor:


The past two years of Minnesota government has been painful lesson with one party rule. We now see this is not a healthy arrangement. The democrats have had free reign to increase taxes and regulations. The republicans could only vote “no” and watch many bills pass. Minnesotans should realize that “checks and balances” in government are healthy.

Ideas in government are more thoroughly vetted and prioritized.

House District 47A has been in conservative control and we need Bob Frey to maintain that position. His prior involvement in the political process confirms his conservative beliefs. Bob began his manufacturing business in 1981 and knows what a “balance sheet” is. Realizing a profit after all the demands of government gives him real world experience.

Private sector jobs is what really grows the economy, not government jobs. There needs to be a balance with taxation in order to foster a robust economic climate. While this concept is foreign to democrats, Bob will work to promote this concept for job growth in Minnesota.

He realizes that our transportation system is a vital part of our economy and that we must maintain and expand this as needed. He views the Met Council as an unelected regional entity out of control.

Bob is an enthusiastic proponent of school choice and will work to curtail any expansion of “Common Core.” He is a stalwart supporter of our Second Amendment and will safeguard those rights. MnSure is a program that is unsustainable and he will advocate for a market based approach for our health care.

He believes in the “first principles” as conceived by the framers of the Constitution. This will be his guiding light. We ask that you vote for Bob Frey in the Aug. 12 primary as your State Representative in House District 47A.


Joe & Vicky Polunc



Carolyn Hoernemann

Norwood Young America