School District 108
(Official Publication)
Independent School District 108
Regular Board Meeting
May 19, 2014
The meeting was called to order by Chair Latzig at 6PM, with all members present except J. Spille.
Others in attendance included A. Feist, R. Erpenbach, T. Erickson and B. Corlett.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the board and audience.
Member Schug read: Recognition: District 108 Is Proud Of.
Motions passed unanimously to approve the agenda, the Apr. 28 Minutes and the Consent Agenda.
There were no comments from visitors.
Administrative reports were given by appropriate individuals.
Motion passed 6-0 to recognize and accept the following donations:
-$200 worth of activity equipment from Shields Sporting Goods
-$1722.06 from NYA Lions Club for Cross Country portable race clock.
Motion passed 6-0 to approve the 2013-14 Revised Budget dated April 28.
Schug/Pexa to adopt following: Resolution Stating the Intention of the School Board to Issue General Obligation Capital Facilities Bonds to Finance Certain Capital Projects; Covenanting and Obligating the District to Be Bound by and to Use the Provisions of MN Statutes, Section 126C.55 to Guarantee the Payment of the Principal and Interest on the Bonds. The resolution was adopted 6-0.
Concerning the elementary addition/remodel, a discussion was held on two option presented at last months board meeting. In conclusion the board was in agreement to proceed with the parking lot option and the terrazzo flooring option.
Unanimous approval was given to Health & Safety Policy #807 and several MSBA suggested policy changes.
Knight/Schug for adoption of resolutions placing J. Marshall, H. Birdsell and M. Ofstedahl on various degrees of Unrequested Leave of Absence for 14-15 sy. The resolutions were adopted 6-0.
Lind/Evenski for adoption of resolution expelling/excluding a pupil. The resolution was adopted 6-0.
On personnel issues, board voted unanimously to approve of the 14-15 Technology Directors contract and the hiring of M. Stern, ESL/Title Instructor.
There were no Board reports.
The next Board Meeting was confirmed for June 23, 6PM, Central H.S. Room A240.
Several topics were covered during the Round Table discussion.
Meeting adjourned at 6:37PM.(The preceding is a summary of the Minutes which are available in the District Office, 531 Morse St., NYA, MN 55368.)

7/3/14, NYA Times, May 19 Reg Min, 242667

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