7-17-14 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

Attend Relay For Life to

help ‘Finish The Fight’


To the editor:


Do you Relay? If not, then you should! Relay For Life of Waconia is an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society. People (like you and me) raise money to help people with cancer. I got involved with Relay because all of my grandparents had/have cancer, and it’s a really easy way to help and make a difference.

Do you want to join Relay For Life of Waconia yet? If not, then here are my top three reasons to Relay.

First, you get to meet people who have maybe experienced some of the same things you have experienced. For example, you might meet other caregivers or survivors and you can talk with each other and support one another.

Second, the Luminaria Ceremony and the silent lap are two amazing parts of the Relay For Life of Waconia event. Luminarias are small bags that people decorate with a person’s name that had/has cancer. The bags have a small candle in them which are lit at about 9 p.m. After the Luminaria Ceremony (where the honorary caregiver speaks), Relay participants do a silent lap around the path to honor those who are fighting or who have lost the fight against cancer. Participants follow the path the rest of the night, with the luminarias lighting the way.

Third, the Relay For Life of Waconia allows you to honor and remember those that we lost to this terrible disease.

Do you want to Relay yet? Good, because together we can “Finish The Fight!”


Jordon Knutson



Nash would provide

competent leadership


To the editor:


As a member of the Waconia City Council, I have had an opportunity to see up close all the discussions and decisions related to taxes, spending, and planning for growth.

Jim Nash, the Mayor of Waconia, has been an outstanding leader in guiding our city government. He has consistently worked to keep our taxes low, to ensure that our government agencies are accountable to the people, and to maintain honesty and transparency in all government functions. His guiding principle has always been that government works for the people, and that it must be open and accountable to the people.

As our State Representative, Jim would apply competent, common sense leadership to the issues facing our state. He has successfully implemented conservative, limited government principles in Waconia, and will use this experience as our Representative in St. Paul.

I hope you will join me in supporting Jim Nash for State Representative, and vote in the Primary Election on Aug. 12.


Charles Erickson


(Editor’s note: Charles Erickson is a member of the Waconia City Council.)

Writer disappointed with Nash’s assessment stance


To the editor:


Jim Nash’s policies and voting record as a council member and mayor of the city of Waconia have not been good for senior citizens and low and single income families.

As mayor of Waconia, Jim Nash supports and continues to use the assessment policy requiring senior citizens and low and single income families to pay 20 percent of city reconstruction projects when other funds are available. This leadership is an example of abuse of power directed at senior citizens and low and single income families. These seniors are your parents and grandparents living on fixed income, using their Social Security and pension checks to fund these projects. Many of these citizens are military veterans who don’t deserve the financial burden of Nash supported, outdated tunnel vision policies.

Jim Nash’s agenda wouldn’t be good for the citizens of District 47A, which needs a representative who has respect and values all its citizens, all the time. I urge senior citizens and low and single income families and voters against assessments to use your vote in the primary to let your voices be heard and hold Jim Nash accountable and not reward him for his support of unfair discriminating policies.


Dave Segner

St. Bonifacius

(Waconia property owner)

(Editor’s note: This letter also included the signatures of Sharon Mieseler and Janell Coulson, both of Waconia.)


Writer grateful to Nash for help, can-do attitude


To the editor:


Recently I found myself in a complicated situation with my kid’s health insurance.

I applied for health insurance through MNsure in February and then discovered my kids were not added to my policy. No one I contacted through MNsure, the state, or the county could help me. Apparently there was a “glitch” in the system. In the meantime my kids were unable to go to the doctor.

After months of exhausting every option to get my kids health coverage I reached out to Mayor Jim Nash. He told me he would make a few phone calls and see what he could do to help me. Within two weeks I received a phone call from the Minnesota Department of Health with coverage for my kids. After four months of phone calls, stress, and worry, my kids finally have health insurance coverage. I am so grateful!

We need more people like Jim Nash in the legislature who will take the bull by the horns and get things done. Jim cares about people and the issues we face; that is why I am voting for Jim Nash for State Representative in the primary election on Aug. 12 and in November.


Lynn Laumann



Frey is committed to service and community

To the editor:


Last week there was a letter commending Waconia Mayor Jim Nash for offering Safari Island to the residents of Norwood Young America. That was a nice thing to do, but wouldn’t any neighboring mayor make those resources available? I have always thought the character of a person is best proven by the things they do behind the scenes, something the mayor is not known for.

Bob Frey has been involved with the Republican Party for many years. Bob has many hours of testimony in front of state senate and house committees on education, transportation, power, and other subjects.

Bob has not only logged many hours testifying at the state level, due in part to his extended and extensive involvement in the Republican Party, but also because of his interest in the things that we value most, our children’s education and efficiency in government.

In addition, Bob has spent many hours volunteering for the local Republican Party just in the last few years and he also brings his large family quite often, showing by example that service and volunteerism for its own sake has value.

Bob has also been a volunteer for the Carver County Sheriff’s Department for over 21 years. All this while raising a large family and building a successful business in the transportation and power industries.

He has done all these things over the years not for public recognition, but because in his life, service to your ideals and your community are the right thing to do.

A Taste of Minnesota was just here. The Carver County Fair Board was the instrument that worked to put that relocation in place but turn on the morning news program and there was Mayor Nash giving the impression that he deserved credit for the event.

Yes, these candidates are very different. My choice is Bob Frey.


Joyce Stuewe


Nash would make a positive impact in St. Paul

To the editor:


We as citizens have an opportunity to get involved in government. We have the opportunity to do what really matters; to help get people elected that will make a difference now and in the future. We have the opportunity to vote.

If we don’t vote or just pick a name because it sounds good, we will end up with a government that controls us, instead of us controlling it. We cannot expect the government to do our job or wait for a government handout.

On Aug. 12, we have an opportunity to vote in the Primary. In order to make sure that our voice is heard, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, and exercise this right to vote.

There are some very good politicians out there and there are some that need to be held accountable for their actions, or give their job to someone who really cares. I believe we have a great politician out there, just waiting to serve the people of District 47A as your State Representative. That candidate is Jim Nash.

As I look at all he has done for the city of Waconia, I see how much more he can do for our district in St. Paul. I have read many Letters to the Editor about Jim Nash. These letters tell of the generosity and impact he’s had on our community. He’s not just out there serving the citizens of Waconia, he’s helping other communities in time of need too. That’s the kind of State Representative we need now.

We need to give people an example of what a good politician is, can do, and will do. Jim Nash has the desire and passion to represent us in St. Paul. He is the type of leader we need. I will be voting for Jim Nash in the primary on Aug. 12 and I am asking you to exercise your right and to vote for him as well.


Carol Szaroletta



Candidate’s comments cause concern for writer


To the editor:


I saw an article posted on Facebook that ran in an online news website called MinnPost. In the article, Cyndy Brucato interviewed both candidates for state representative in our house district.

The reporter asked both Jim Nash and Bob Frey what was important to them. Nash talked about taxes, education, transportation and health care. Bob Frey also mentioned those things, then went on to go into great detail with a scientifically flawed view of AIDS, how it is transmitted, and the dangers and economic impact of sodomy.

Frey went on to talk graphically about sodomy and was so far off the mark scientifically that it wasn’t even funny. I know from high school health class that Frey’s science is wrong, and strange, and if he wants to represent us at the Capitol, he should be talking about the things that matter to business owners and tax payers like me.

I want a legislator who is focused on improving the business climate of Minnesota, fixing health care, and who wants to lower my taxes. Jim has lowered taxes in Waconia and has made it a pro-business community, and he will do that in St. Paul.

We don’t need an elected official who is this focused on crackpot science and sodomy because none of that is going to fix our state. Bob Frey isn’t going to help fix Minnesota, he will be the punch line to a really bad joke. I’m voting for the guy who will help fix our state, who has a record of cutting taxes, and making Minnesota a better place. I’m voting for Jim Nash on Aug. 12.


Daniel Sorensen