Lake Waconia wake restriction now within 300 feet of shore

On Thursday, July 17, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson reported the current state of restrictions on the following bodies of water:



• Lake Waconia-Wake restriction within 300 feet of shore. This is a change from the slow-no wake restriction that had previously been on the entire lake.



• Lake Zumbra-Wake restriction on the entire lake.

• Lake Wasserman-Wake restriction on the entire lake.

• Lake Virginia-Wake restriciton on the entire lake.



• Lake Bavaria-Wake restiricion within 300 feet of shore.


The Carver County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor the bodies of water, “To promote the full use and enjoyment by all of the people, now and future, and to promote safety for all persons and property in connection with the use of waters of Carver County,” Olson said. “These decisions are made to conserve the quality of the natural environment and to integrate the various uses of the waters. It is always a balancing act between preserving these bodies of water for the future and allowing responsible use in the present.”