7-24-14 Waconia Patriot Letters to the Editor

A comparison of the DFL, Republican parties


To the editor:


As we move closer to November and the election, we hear more and more outlandish claims especially from those attacking our governor and the DFL controlled legislature.

It is unfortunate that many of these claims do not have anything to do with the truth, and unfortunately many just believe what they hear without doing any research on their own.

Now is a good time to look at reality: More Minnesotans are working than ever before, unemployment is at 4.7 percent, our state economy is the fifth fastest growing in the nation, we are the eighth best place to do business, the Twin Cities is the seventh top performing metro economy, and we are the third best state to make a living.

We still may have some room for improvement, but I think most would say we are doing pretty good. In comparison our neighbor Wisconsin with a Republican governor and legislature has: lost 700 manufacturing jobs in one year, had the largest cut in per pupil education spending in the country, ranked 35th in job creation, and has 45,000 fewer new jobs than neighboring states.

You may wonder if Minnesota is doing so well why are the Republicans putting all their effort into criticism and attacks. The reality is that the Republican Party is so divided that attacking the other side is the only thing they can do without setting off internal party battles. If you do not believe me, I think all you have to do is compare the DFL and Republican Primary Ballots for Aug. 12.


Jim Weygand



Nash dedicates time,

talents to the community


To the editor:


As a Waconia citizen and business owner I’ve appreciated Mayor Jim Nash’s service to our community while working on the Waconia City Council and as our Mayor from 2010 to the present.

While in office, he’s had an open-door policy and encouraged frank, transparent discussion.  He took some council meetings to neighborhoods to see citizen concerns first-hand. He’s encouraged patriotism by starting council meetings with our flag and the pledge of allegiance.

While working with administration and council, he guided the city through the recent recession while overseeing new city staff positions and hires. He set goals to maximize existing staff talents and resources.

He’s welcomed all to Waconia, from prospective residents, businesses and major events that brought us Minnesota Governor Dayton, Adrian Peterson, and “A Taste of Minnesota.”

He supported our In Towne Marina Citizens’ Cormorant Petition (signed by 3,000+ area citizens) and used personal time to educate groups and others ill-effected. He alerted state and federal government officials of natural resource loss experienced on Lake Waconia, still ongoing in regions of Minnesota, and more than 24 states nationwide. He worked with our family, Kellie Sites of the Waconia Chamber of Commerce, City Administrator Susan Arntz, Norm Hoffman, Jim Harriman, Ron Knutson and Steve Walter of the DNR, to keep this issue in the forefront. He welcomed U.S. Congressman John Kline to with meet him and city staff to hear our concerns at a chamber meeting. This visit resulted in the still-active U.S. House of Representative Bipartisan HR Bill #7034  successfully presented in 2012 by U.S. Congressmen John Kline and Collin Peterson, and renewed in 2013 by U.S. Rep. Bachmann. Their bill is designed to give more local control to respond and protect natural resources when cormorant colonies overcrowd and cause destruction. Work continues on this issue by all, including Jim Nash.

Thank you for dedicating your time and talent to better our community and lives, Mayor Nash.


Cindy Mase


In Towne Marina, owner


Frey’s qualities would benefit District 47A


To the editor:


I have personally talked with Bob Frey and Jim Nash. I experienced and observed a distinct difference in what they portrayed and said. The person I choose to represent me, and District 47A, has the following qualities.

Knowledge: He knows the community as a whole, the laws, and function of the governing system. He is an active businessman creating products to help citizens. (Ex. Manufacturing equipment for stop-go lights and other traffic systems).

Integrity-Honesty: He is consistent in word and deed. He listens to people and responds and works for our best interest and benefit. His responses to questions are complete and concise in nature.

Compassion: He cares about young-to-old individuals, and their quality of life. This is accomplished by defending our choices in Health Care, reducing government size, defending our military, promoting business (to boost our economy), and real transportation for all of Minnesota, instead of light rail which has no benefit to rural people and is government subsidized.

Leader: My children and I have worked with Bob in 4-H. He volunteers in our community and at the state level. He has been on the Sheriff’s Posse, looking out for our welfare.

Consistent: This has come through with Bob as I have seen him active in his family and community for many years.

On Aug. 12, 2014, I will vote. My choice is Bob Frey.


Patsy Landaw

Young America Twp.


Nash knows difference of wants, needs

To the editor:


One of the most important characteristics that a politician can possess is integrity and principle of purpose and belief. This fall, as voters, we have a number of important decisions to make as to who will go to St. Paul and represent those values we all cherish and hold dear.

My greatest concern of what is facing us as taxpayers are the enormous budget levels that the Democrats have created during the past session and the tax hikes to support those spending levels. It would seem that their solution to any problem is throw money at the problem and hopefully bury it with our hard earned cash.

That is why I believe that it is critically important that we elect fiscally conservative and responsible Republican candidates into office who understand that it is not their money.

I have known and worked with Jim Nash for several years now as the cities and county work together on projects to improve our roads and infrastructure. Jim has worked hard to cut taxes in Waconia and keep the city up to date, reliable and working. He has been a good team member throughout the county in getting projects approved and completed in the most cost effective manner. Jim understands that for government to be efficient it must budget its finances and he understand the difference between “wants” and “needs” and will vote to budget accordingly. Jim Nash is the candidate who I know will respect the views of his constitutes and who will serve with honor.


Jerry A. McDonald


(Editor’s note: Jerry McDonald is a member of the Chanhassen City Council.)

On education, Nash leaps then learns

To the editor:


In an early campaign flyer, Jim Nash stated proudly that he was a product of the public school system. This would be a fine statement if Nash did not then preform an astounding logical leap from his own experience decades ago to the support of current movements to federalize our Minnesota schools through what he called “measurable outcomes that will equip students to compete in our global economy.” Unfortunately, his wording hides what really lies beneath the new standards coming to our schools.

In Mr. Nash’s defense, he may not have known that he was supporting a hostile takeover of our children’s education. Perhaps he assumed (like the federal law makers who created the standards) that number crunching always equals progress. In any case, he did not look before he leaped.

As an educator, I see great value in numbers as well as the importance of competing globally; but a decade of teaching has also taught me that numbers are only as good as the things to which they refer, and we should always be aware of where global sentiment would take us. If Nash had done his homework he would have known that the latest barrage of “measurable outcomes” are already creeping into Carver County schools and are meant to test the extent to which radical Washington bureaucrats have succeeded in redefining our nation.

As a father of five, I do not want my children submitted to this sort of group think.

I am glad to see that lately Mr. Nash has learned a thing or two. In a recent advertisement (Victoria Gazette), he dropped the “measured outcomes” altogether and parted ways with “distant bureaucrats.” I hope he will thank his teachers. There is no doubt that he has been educated by the well-informed, consistent campaign of Bob Frey.


Andrew J. Harris, Ph.D.


Nash has proven track record as public servant

To the editor:


This letter is in support of Jim Nash for State Representative. Jim has the energy, experience, a track record of accomplishment, and based on my experience, the credibility to get things done in Saint Paul.

Years ago, standing on the sidelines watching our kids play soccer, I was impressed with his enthusiasm and intensity. When he told me why he was going to run for city council, it was refreshing. No selfish agenda. He worked hard as a city councilman, working to help resolve complicated personnel issues, painful budget cuts, and transportation issues. As mayor, he helped address many issues in an effective manner, including controlling taxes, the hockey arena finances, improvements to Highway 5, and controlling the cormorants. The city has continued to grow.

Most recently, Mayor Nash played a very significant role in my decision to locate a significant new business in Waconia. Frustrated by my inability to get answers to questions, get my calls returned by my elected officials, and garner support for proposed legislation that would help me start a new business, I called Jim and asked for advice on what to do. Instead of giving me a few phone numbers to call, he started making calls himself.

The next day, he took time off and drove with me to St. Paul and was able to get me one-on-one meetings with all three state senators and several of the state representatives on my list. Ten hours later, we were driving back to Waconia with many of the answers I needed. Then, with the support of the mayor, the city council, and the help of several key city employees, I was convinced to locate my business in Waconia.

Lots of politicians talk about what they are going to do. Jim rolls up his sleeves and does them. He works selflessly to promote the city of Waconia and do good things for all of us. If you want your elected officials to listen, work effectively with others, please join me in voting for Mayor Jim Nash.


Bill Miller


Nash has the wisdom, determination to lead

To the editor:


Jim Nash gets my vote because he is willing to listen to people and make wise choices that are good for the whole community. If he wins the primary Aug. 12, we all win. Some people get into politics because they crave the spotlight or have a personal agenda. Jim Nash desires to hold the office of State Representative for District 47A because he wants to make a difference. The other candidates claim they are going to make a difference, but I am confident Jim Nash actually will.

Jim Nash has a realistic understanding of the economy. He works in the private sector and pays taxes. Therefore, he understands the benefits of having a thriving business community in Minnesota as well as the pitfalls that come when good businesses go elsewhere. We need a solid, growing economy. Jim Nash has the wisdom and leadership to help us keep our existing businesses and attract new ones.

Jim Nash cares about education because his kids are educated in the public school system just like mine. I have seen Jim at Clearwater and the high school attending his children’s choir concert and soccer games. He is involved in their lives and cares about the quality of their education. Jim wants to make sure our teachers are recognized for their abilities and that parents can connect with them in order to discuss their child’s needs.

Jim Nash recognizes the importance of affordable health care. He believes that the free market is the better alternative to better care than a bloated, ineffective government run program. This is a sticky area that Republicans and Democrats must work together on to figure out. Jim Nash has the leadership skills to rally a collaborative effort to solve this problem.

I could give more examples of why Jim Nash gets my vote, but basically I’m voting for Jim Nash because I like him. He has the wisdom and determination to get tangible results that will benefit us all.


Dr. John Braland


Nash will stand up for constitutional rights

To the editor:


As the Executive Director of the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee, and as an activist involved for several years in defending the Second Amendment in Minnesota, I heartily support Jim Nash for State Representative in House District 47A.

In 2013, Jim was the only mayor to stand before the anti-gun DFL leaders in the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee and forcibly testify against their gun grab efforts. In that single action, Jim did more to stand up for our constitutional rights than most elected officials do in a lifetime.

Jim’s staunch advocacy for the civil rights of Minnesota’s law abiding gun owners is why our organization was proud to endorse Jim earlier this year.

But, as an individual, I support Jim because he has kept his focus throughout the campaign on what government should truly be about:  lowering taxes, creating an environment where business can thrive, and fixing health care.

During his term as Mayor, Jim has accomplished exactly that in Waconia – and will do exactly the same for all of us in St. Paul next year as State Representative.


Bryan Strawser


Nash supports gun rights, shows leadership

To the editor:


Jim Nash is a strong gun rights leader, who cuts through the bull and gets things done. He is the right choice to represent Carver County for Minnesota House district 47A.

While his opponent pushed theories about dinosaurs, giants, and AIDS and obsessed about what happens in other people’s bedrooms, Jim Nash worked to help Carver County grow and fought for our Second Amendment rights.

When big city mayors tried to pass gun registration at the Capitol last year, Waconia Mayor Jim Nash went down there and spoke for real Minnesotans. “We don’t need gun control,” he told them, “We need criminal control.” Jim also pushed hard in his own party to make sure that metro-area representatives understood how seriously we take our gun rights.

Jim Nash has the real Minnesotan values, leadership and work ethic that the legislature badly needs. We should send Jim to the Capitol to get to work for all of us.


Andrew Rothman