The Norwood Young America City Council at a regular meeting held on July 28, 2014 adopted Ordinance No. 253, an Ordinance Amending Chapter 6, Section 650 of the Norwood Young America City Code.
City of Norwood Young America
Ordinance No. 253
650.01 Purpose. The purpose of this Section shall be to establish permitted categories of open burn events for residences and businesses within the incorporated areas of the City and provide for burning defined as a Recreational Fire as prescribed in this Section.
650.02 Definitions. For the purposes of this Section, the terms in this Section have the meaning given them.
Subd. 3 Recreational Fire. Recreational Fire shall mean a fire set with approved starter fuel, with the materials to be burned that is no more larger than three feet in diameter by three feet by three two feet in height.
650.04 Allowed Burning. Recreational fFires not more than three feet wide by three feet high, and fires contained in grills, hibachis, and similar devices as defined in Subsection 650.02, Subd. 3 shall be allowed.
A complete printed copy of Ordinance No. 253 is available for inspection by any person during regular office hours in the office of the City Administrator.
Diane Frauendienst,
City Clerk
(Published in the NYA Times August 7, 2014)

8/7/14, 3NYA, Ordinance 253 Summary, 260419

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