Kwik Trip emphasizes community with opening

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Kwik Trip Assistant Store Manager Jon Lindstrom presents a donation to District 108 Community Education Director Julie Kuenzel during a ribbon cutting on Wednesday, Aug. 6. The NYA Kwik Trip opened July 31. (NYA Times staff photo by Adam Gruenewald)

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While numerous drivers and residents had already become familiar with the new Kwik Trip in NYA since its opening on July 31, a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened the gas station on Wednesday, Aug. 6.
Attended by NYA city staff and council members, NYA Area Chamber of Commerce members, Kwik Trip staff and representatives and members of the community, the ceremony highlighted Kwik Trip’s commitment to the area.
As part of the ceremony, La Crosse, Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip donated $2,500 to support uniform, equipment and funds for District 108 Community Education, its nearby neighbor at the former Crossroads Restaurant location near the intersection of Highway 212 and Highway 5.
Assistant Store Manager Jon Lindstrom said numerous guests have commented on the high quality of the building and that his staff is making sure that enthusiasm continues.
“Going forward we are always going to be committed to providing our guests the better than the best experience every time they come into our stores,” he said. “We’re going to work hard and have fun. I’m always going to have a staff that is happy to be at work.”
In presenting the donation to District 108, Lindstrom touted the benefits of Community Education.
“We work hard to make sure the people in our community are happy and we can grow our community for the future,” he said, sharing their efforts of supporting sports programs. “I can’t stress enough how important that was to my life growing up and I feel it’s important we help that continue and be a part of that at Kwik Trip.”
District 108 Community Education Director Julie Kuenzel said the donation is appreciated.
“This donation will touch over 600 kids,” she said, “and will be helpful in making sure that anybody in the community that wants to participate in any athletic event has the opportunity whether they can afford it or not.”
In addition to the donation, attendees also heard from Kwik Trip District Leader Brian Dapper as well as Kwik Trip President and CEO Don Zietlow and his wife, LaVonne.
Dapper said the opening week of the store has been great.
“We have been so pleased with the warm reception that we’ve received from the community of Norwood Young America,” he said. “It’s been so much fun. What a gorgeous facility we have here… It just sits in here so nice and it’s a beautiful store.”
Dapper also recited the company’s mission statement of treating customers and the community better than anyone else by treating customers, co-workers and suppliers how they would like to be treated to make a difference in someone’s life.
“It’s more than just words,” he said. “It’s really the foundation and success of our company. It’s almost more of a culture statement and a culture that has grown over the years because of the generosity of the Zietlow family and how they treat us each and every day.”
LaVonne Zietlow thanked co-workers and others for their efforts in getting the building open.
“They are the backbone of our company,” she said. “To our customers, I always hope we have what you would like to find in our store.”
Don Zietlow added his thanks to the co-workers as well.
“You’re the greatest asset that we have at Kwik Trip,” he said. “Without you, Kwik Trip doesn’t exist. We can build the nicest buildings and the best product but our customers come into work because of you and how you take care of our customers.”
He added that Kwik Trip will continue to stay active in the community and will also keep providing fresh bananas, milk, vegetables and fruit, eggs and other items to its customers. According to Zietlow, Kwik Trip produces 800,000 pounds of milk a day, 2.5 million donuts a day and last year, customers bought 44 million pounds bananas.
“We want our stores where the parents can bring their family in,” he said. “We deliver to our stores every night so a lot of our products have a one-day life on them.”
NYA Mayor Tina Diedrick touted the business’ impact on the community, as she, like other residents, watched the building grow and develop during construction.
“We are all very excited,” she said. “It’s been a wonderful journey to work with Kwik Trip and all the people involved. The community is just thrilled to have them here and we want to congratulate Kwik Trip for redeveloping this property and making such a beautiful facility… It’s so much more than just a convenience store.”
Kwik Trip is located at 520 Reform St. N near the intersection of Highway 212 and Highway 5.
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