NYA Subway wins service award

Pictured are, front row: Manager Teresa Siewert and sandwich artists Abbie Schnabel, Hailee Zellmann and Kayla Aho. Back row: Sandwich artists Crystal Cardinal, Taylor Vansloun, Andrew Wischnack, Angel Perez and Diane Hunter. Not pictured: Marie Schnabel and Caitlin Warnke. (NYA Times staff photo by Adam Gruenewald)

For the second year in a row, Subway in NYA was chosen out of out 230 stores for a customer service award.
Rachel Scherber, operations administrator for the Subways in Norwood Young America, Waconia and Watertown as well as new Franchisee of Lakeside Subway in Waconia credited the staff in getting the award, calling it a team effort.
“It doesn’t mean the store has a good franchisee, manager or staff; it means they’re all good,” said Scherber. “In my opinion, of the awards given, this is the most rewarding one to get.  It signifies that everyone is working together and customers are getting the best of everyone.”
She added that is extremely rare for a Subway to receive the award two years in a row, and that the presenter of the award said that “walking into this store is like walking into Cheers.”
Explaining the process, Scherber said field consultants nominate different stores and then the winner is chosen by the local development agent’s office.  Some of the things taken into account for nomination are number of corporate complaints, customer survey scores, feel of the restaurant while the field consultant is conducting his inspection and number of customer compliments.
Scherber said she is humbled to work with the staff at Subway who make the difference, including Store Manager Teresa Siewert who has been on board since shortly after the restaurant opened in October 1999.
“She has seen that store grow tremendously over her time with us,” said Scherber. “She is dedicated to her staff and store and it shows.  Teresa is always making sure everything is working properly, even down to every light bulb being lit.  She takes the time to make sure each customer’s experience will be the best…there is so much more to managing a Subway than one would think.”
Other Subways employees make a difference too.
“The sandwich artists are also second to none; many of them of worked for us for many years,” said Scherber. “Each of them are vital to the customer experience and they are another major reason this Subway is so successful.”
In addition to crediting the staff, Scherber thanked customers as well.
“The NYA Subway exists in a community where small town still lives,” she said. “Thank you to our customers. Without them we wouldn’t have jobs. We look forward to serving the community and surrounding areas for a very long time.”