WMHS students to perform ‘The Little Mermaid’

Watertown Mayer High School students are gearing up for this weeks production of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, script written by Timothy Mason, this
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. on the Performing Arts Center stage.

Brigit Larkin rehearses saving Zack Eliason after a shipwreck. (Photo by Joyce Peterson)
Brigit Larkin rehearses saving Zack Eliason after a shipwreck. (Photo by Joyce Peterson)

In this non-musical stage adaptation, an Elder, played by Charlie Chadwick tells a tale to a Young Prince, played by Keane Nowlan, about a beautiful Mermaid, played by Brigit Larkin and her quest to win the love of a Prince, played by Zackary Eliason and an immortal soul. The Young Prince soon realizes this may not be “just a story,” but rather the Elder foreseeing the Young Prince’s future.
“The cast and crew have really put a lot of work into this show not only with their busy rehearsal schedule, but also with the set and technical aspects of the show,” said Director Joyce Peterson. “Kyle Hoffman, the technical director and his tech crew have countless hours into creating the lighting effects for our undersea grotto. They are also using surround sound effects to help put the audience into the action on stage.”
The script, originally performed at the Children’s Theater in 1969, had points where it required some musical aspects, but no official score exists so Leah and Isaac Vraspir stepped in to compose some pieces to fit the parts using both the piano and marimba and will be performing those in the three performances.
Cast members include Charlie Chadwick, Keane Nowlan, Brigit Larkin, Zack Eliason, Rebecca Czech, Hannah Truniger, Rochelle Dressel, Ashley Sutton, Cecilia Malaman, Samantha Elsenpeter, Michael Herzog, Jacob Oak, Jack Dalluge, Brent Unowski, Josh Campbell, Charles Saing, Tristan Gens, Sebastian Schneider, Mackenzie Farber, Katie Hillmann, Theresa Solberg, Stefanie Maas, Baylee Wells, Tierney Nichols, Madeline Coyle, Ella May, Katie Larkin, Madeline Peterson, Danielle Peterson, Jodi First, Heidi First, Miranda Boll, Megan Kreatz, Kelsey Carrabre, Colby King, Samantha Dalluge, Taylor Preston, Billy Peterson, Tristan Eliason, Austin Windsperger, Wesley Burns, Benjamin Leaf and Jack Heun.
Technical crew includes Grace Kroeger, Matt Maisch, Howard Simar and Coralie Swedberg.
Insturmental, Leah and Isaac Vraspir, Choreography Madison Daniels, cast support Teague Shaw and Gillian Kelley.
Diretor Joyce Peterson, Technical Director Kyle Hoffmann and Assistant Director Emalee Mader.