Freed expands to Watertown

By Sarah Price
CCN Intern

A new Southwest Eye Care clinic opened in Watertown in May, taking over the previous Carver Eye Clinic in River Bend Plaza. Dr. Chris Freed said that they have always felt like reaching populations in need of eye care, so when Carver Eye Clinic was looking to sell, they took it.

D. Chris Freed
D. Chris Freed

In 1993, Freed graduated with a major in biology and a minor in ecology from Michigan State University and then later graduated from Illinois College of Optometry in 1997. Freed opened Southwest Eye Clinic with his wife, Dr. Amy Freed and their colleague Dr. Chad Dockter in 2005. In just ten years, they have expanded to eight locations.
The new Southwest Eye Care office benefits from being located in River Bend Plaza because of the similar medical-minded businesses that they share space with.
Freed said it has been very convenient for him and his patients. For example, when they need to pick up a prescription, it is right next door. or when he wants to refer a patient to another doctor, they can walk right across the hall and meet them in person there.
“Everybody says their eyes are important,” Freed said, speaking of the importance of keeping eyes functioning at their best and how sight is one of our most important senses. If it wasn’t for sight, many of our everyday activities would not be able to be accomplished.
Because of this idea, Freed said that “we do everything, from kid’s exams to office emergencies.”
They also tend to eye diseases like glaucoma and they tend to cataracts and help patients manage their blood pressure and other things like diabetes and high cholesterol.

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