Open air service: Zion Lutheran invites parishioners to outdoor sermon

People enjoy Zion Lutheran Church’s outdoor service in Mayer. (Submitted photo)
People enjoy Zion Lutheran Church’s outdoor service in Mayer. (Submitted photo)

Zion Lutheran Church in Mayer held their annual outdoor church service Sunday, July 12 on the grounds west of the Mayer Community Center. This year Zion celebrated their Mission Festival at this worship service.
A procession of flags from around the world representing a personal connection to the people of that country, in some way by members or relatives of Zion’s congregation members, carried the flags.
Zion’s pastor Rev. Dr. Lucas Woodford was the liturgist. Rev. Steve Kasberg, former missionary to Papau New Guinea and South Korea, now serving at the Hosanna Lutheran Church in Mankato, preached the sermon “As Grace Extends … to the Ends of the Earth.”
Music accompaniment for the mission hymns was provided by Jim Aleks and Erich Strehlke and Ben Quiram.
The Mission Festival continued on the Zion school grounds, where ethnic food samples were served from all the countries that the following missionaries represented as each one spoke of their mission.
They were Morgan Diedrick and Christina Erdmann of Mayer Lutheran High School telling of LHS’s Isleta Mexica annual mission trip. Rev. Fung Lo of LINC Twin Cities, Rev. Tom Evans of Overseas Missions; Rev. Dr. Peter Meier; Executive Director of the Center for United States Mission and Church Plantings; Stacy Sala from Bangladesh, Gloria Sauck of Kenya, and Ben and Jody Selin going to Mongolia in Jan. 2016, all who represented the World Mission Prayer League; Lutherans in Africa – Pastor Woodford filled in for Rev. James May of Kenya; and Alaska Missions for Christ with a DVD Missionary Todd Roeske sent.
At the close of the afternoon donated pies were auctioned off with Dan Maetzold as the auctioneer. Those funds were contributed to the Missions that each of the speakers represented at their Mission Festival Booths.