Church invited to discussion on race

Complexities of “Race” relations in the U.S. are regularly in the news and are a divisive topic. Conversations about significant issues can sometimes be emotional, pick-a-side and fight-it-out discussions that leave us feeling worse about the people we disagree with, and sometimes worse about ourselves.

But there is a way to talk that feels open, honest and impartial, where you can actually be heard and learn about the people with whom you disagree.

Experience the new way for yourself on Saturday, Nov. 21, from 9 a.m. to noon at St. Peter’s African Methodist Episcopal Church, 401 East 41st St, in Minneapolis. Anyone in need of a ride to the event they can call the Waconia Moravian Church by Weds. Nov. 18. Please leave a name, phone number or email.

This community has chosen to join with Waconia Moravian Church to be a source of living water, cooling the heat of divisive conversations through the Respectful Conversations Project. Join in to learn how you can have a great conversation that builds empathy even over a difficult topic like “Race” relations.

These conversations will be part of a structured process that will take place on two Saturdays in November. The first Saturday involves only the training process and the second Saturday will engage the conversation.

Waconia Moravian has participated in this model previously around the topic of gay marriage and the marriage amendment voted on two years ago.