Local author pens adventure books for tweens, teens

By Jason Schmucker
Waconia Patriot

Local author Glenn Haggerty is kicking off a series of books aimed at young adults.

The first book in the “Intense” series, “Run,” focuses on a teenage boy struggling with friendships while working to thwart sophisticated criminals. The book is currently available for purchase at Mocha Monkey, amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.RUN-Cover-Final-1

Haggerty said he draws inspiration from a variety of sources.

“I’ve always like abandoned houses in the woods – they’re always a little bit creepy and they still the imagination,” Haggerty said. “I’m interested in encouraging kids in that age group – teens and tweens, 10 to 14-year-old age group, it’s kind of a tough time in life – I want to entertain them and encourage them to read but also encourage them with hope. They can make it through that kind of rocky period of life.”

Haggerty’s own story is also one of hope and overcoming obstacles.

After 20 years as an independent insurance agent, complications of glaucoma forced Haggerty out of the business world. Following a year of adaptive training through Vision Loss Resources in Minneapolis, he entered Bethel Seminary and graduated magna cum laude with a M.Div. degree in 2005. His author’s bio says that “he combines his love for God’s word with his passion for compelling fiction.”

Haggerty employs a variety of technology in writing to compensate for his vision impairment.

“I’m a little different from some authors, and the same in many respects,” Haggerty said. “I do think a little differently – I do have a visual impairment and I do use a screen reader for most of my work.”

In addition to a screen reader, Haggerty uses voice detections software to dictate what he is writing.

“When you’re doing things audibly – just listening – it’s a little bit harder to stay on task. Visually, it’s a little bit easier to bring in information,” Haggerty said.

Haggerty also has critique partners that help him refine and edit his work.

“For me, writing isn’t a solo job, it’s a team sport,” Haggerty said. “I work with several critique partners.”
Haggerty said the input he gets from those partners is invaluable.

“Iron sharpens iron and the end product is better,” Haggerty said. “It gets worked, hopefully, into shape so it’s publishable.”

Haggerty said he starts his work with an idea for an action scene and develops characters and plots from there.

“Once I start a story like that, I try to go chapter by chapter,” Haggerty said.

“Run” focuses on new kid at school Tyler Higgins, who has navigate the middle school minefield of friendships while learning that a mysterious plumber is casing his neighborhoods and threatens to endanger those around him.

Haggerty lives with his wife and two adult children in Waconia, where he volunteers on the sermon team at Freshwater Community Church. “Run” is the first novel in the “Intense.” series. The prequel, “Escape,” is available on amazon.com. Look for “Chase” and “Hyde” soon. You can visit Haggerty on his website at www.glennhaggerty.com