Peace Lutheran welcomes new pastor

Dave Hanson, the new pastor at Peace Lutheran
Dave Hanson, the new pastor at Peace Lutheran
by Ethan Groothuis
Carver County News

The first thing David Hanson thought when he visited Watertown was that it felt like home.
Originally from Albert Lea, Hanson recently accepted the full time pastor position at Peace Lutheran Church just outside of Watertown.

Already he has experienced several nights where he walks out into the parking lot to see a beautiful sun setting over Watertown.

“Another perk is hearing children playing outside,” Hanson said, noting that Peace Lutheran overlooks the Watertown-Mayer Elementary School. “It is just a peaceful and wonderful sound.”

Peace is something that resonates with Hanson and is part of the reason why he thinks he is a good fit for the congregation and community.

“If anyone is looking for peace, why not from someone who is already seeking it?” Hanson said.
Having served for many years Hanson brings a lot of experience to the Watertown community.
Hanson felt the call to preaching and the Gospel throughout high school and college and ended up going to Luther Seminary to make it official.

His first job was in Ada, a small town in Norman County.

After that he moved to become the family pastor at the House of Hope in New Hope.
Most recently, he was the pastor of congregational growth and outreach in Roseville.

“Just to compare, the Easter service at Peace is one service for about 200 people,” Hanson said. “At Roseville, it was five services and several thousand people.”

But Hanson said size doesn’t matter — the circumstances of people’s lives are the same in a small or large congregation.

“Instead of dealing with scale, I could come to a place where Jesus is bringing peace to lives,” Hanson said. “A lot of people are too busy. I’m not a parent, but I couldn’t imagine how busy that makes you. Then add a job, maintaining a home — think about how chaotic that is.”

Hanson and his wife Stephanie do have two dogs — Cooper and Guinness — who he says think they are their children.

Stephanie is a first grade teacher at Osseo and commutes from Watertown every morning since they relocated in November. But Hanson said she doesn’t mind — audiobooks save her commute, and she has been commuting to Osseo for years.

When they aren’t working, the Hansons enjoy sailing, snowmobiling and appreciating nature — which is perfect, Hanson noted, for how close they live to the Luce Line Trail.

Hanson came at the right time for Peace Lutheran, as they are in the midst of several growing ventures.
He has been pushing for continued growth the in after school program SPARK, which is held on Wednesdays from 3 to 6 and open to everyone.

“Church isn’t exclusive to just it’s members,” Hanson said. “Families need kids to be involved in things that are save and healthy.”

There is also a new addition getting added starting in May, which will add a fellowship hall, classrooms and will double the size of the Peace Cafe.

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