LTE: Mike Walters for Mayor

To the editor:

I support Mike Walters for Mayor of Watertown.

I was a 10 year resident of Watertown who also served on the City Council with Mike Walters. I raised my family in Watertown and we are still active in the community. In fact, my wife, Sunny is serving her 10th year as treasurer of the Watertown Area Historical Society.

Mike is a passionate councilmember. Each year we worked together I was more and more impressed with his diligence in preparing for meetings. Mike has a drive to make Watertown a safe and desirable place to do business and live in.

I would describe Mike’s approach to the job as fiscally responsible and budget minded. In addition, Mike understands that the position represents the interests of ALL Watertown citizens. His experience in serving the people of Watertown, his business expertise and passion for the position, make Mike THE BEST qualified candidate for Mayor of Watertown.

My wife and I proudly support Mike Walters for Mayor of Watertown.

Stephen and Sunny Crowder