Mayor: It’s girls soccer day

By Staff Reports

The Waconia girls soccer team celebrates with the section championship trophy after advancing to the state tournament with a 2-1 win over Holy Family. (James Stitt/The Patriot)

Waconia Mayor Jim Sanborn has issued a proclamation declaring Thursday, Oct. 27 as Waconia High School Girls Soccer Day in Waconia.

The mayor’s proclamation comes after the team earned a spot at the state tournament, where they will face No. 4 Hill Murray on Thursday, Oct. 27 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Cloud State University.

“This is the first time this team has made it to the state tournament, so I thought it was extra special in that case,” Sanborn said.

In the proclamation, Sanborn recognizes the team’s outstanding record of 17 wins and three losses, and encourages residents to join with him in honoring the team.

Sanborn said he feels that participating in high school sports not only provides a well-rounded experience for students, but also has other benefits – especially for female athletes.

“There’s so many studies out there that show that girls that participate in sports have lower levels of depression, better chances of success in life, lower instances of unwanted pregnancies – just all sorts of good things happen when we get girls involved in sports,” Sanborn said.

Head coach Ivan Woyno said the proclamation was an honor for his team.

“I am extremely proud and excited for this,” Woyno said. “This is a fantastic way that we show that our community is very much intertwined with each other. They are there for the kids and they recognize accomplishments for the kids. The girls are extremely proud.”

Sanborn said he looks forward to making another proclamation soon.

“I hope to make another one after they win the state tournament,” Sanborn said.

Woyno said he was optimistic for the team’s chances at state, but said that garnering a first for the district’s girls sports program was already amazing.

“We’re just excited to make history for being the first team in the girls program to make to the state tournament,” Woyno said.