Water! show comes to NYA

NT - Science Museum Water
Carver County Water Management Organization will host Science Museum of Minnesota’s traveling show Water! on Nov. 5. (Submitted photo)

by Adam Gruenewald
[email protected]

A special Science Museum of Minnesota traveling show is coming to NYA with a focus on Water!
Hosted by the Carver County Water Management Organization (CCWMO), the free exhibit encourages area residents to come learn about how much water there is on earth, the water cycle, and how water is used by us every day in ways we don’t even see.
CCWMO Education Director Madeline Seveland said the show with a focus on water and the water cycle has been a hit at the Metro Children’s Water Festival every year.
The show, which will include audience participation, definitely focuses on water such as taking people through their daily activities and how water is involved in their morning routine such as turning on lights, taking a shower and eating food.
“They do it in a very fun way,” she said. “They really hit home with the message with how we use water in every day life.”
Seveland added that the exhibit is certainly open to everyone as kids and adults are sure to learn ways to preserve water
“Adults can definitely learn something too,” she said. “It kind of targets that early elementary age, but you can bring your 5-year-old and explain to them what’s going on. Definitely your junior high and high school students and adults will benefit from it.”
The show definitely open’s peoples eyes to water.
“It’s got a lot of fun facts that make you think about water in a different way,” said Seveland. “It tends to be a hidden part of our lives. We are so used to it being there for us so it’s nice to sort of take a step back and remind us of the hidden aspects of water.”
In addition, Seveland highlighted that much of the CCWMO’s focus is on storm water runoff so she encourages people to stay aware of mindful practices, especially this fall.
“A really good fall activity is to rake up and mulch those leaves that fall,” said Seveland, adding leaves have a lot of phosphorus which affects bodies of water and causes algae bloom. “They tend to clutter in our streets and if you get a big rainfall that washes everything into the ponds… try not to have too many of those leaves washing up from your lawns.”
The event is part of a series of events with the 20th anniversary of CCWMO, which also held a Waconia Waters Forum in April and a water issues gallery during the Carver County Fair.
Water!, the Science Museum of Minnesota traveling show, will be held from 9:30 to 10:20 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Norwood Young America Pavilion located at 327 Elm Street West in NYA.
With a goal of 100 attendees, registrations are encouraged and children must be accompanied by an adult.
Please contact Madeline Seveland at [email protected] or 952-361-1026 to register your family’s attendance.
For more information, visit http://www.co.carver.mn.us.

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