Lynch takes reins of county board

Organizational meeting focuses on appointments to committees, citizen advisory boards

By Melissa Priebe
[email protected]

Commissioner Tim Lynch will head the Carver County Board as chair in 2017, after the county commissioners met for their first meeting of the year on Tuesday, Jan. 3.
The first meeting of the Carver County commissioners was an organizational session, held primarily to approve appointments to government committees and advisory boards. The Carver County Board adopted small changes to the board operating rules and approved the schedule for county board meetings in 2017, which will follow the same pattern it did last year.
Revisions to the county board operating rules included aligning the rules for monthly expense allowances to mirror changes in the administrative policy made by Carver County staff, as well as clarity around roll call votes, which are to be taken alphabetically and rotated with each resolution voted upon. The revisions also included a measure to require the county board’s township appointment to the Planning Commission to serve after the expiration of the term until a successor is appointed.
The county commissioners hoped the last change would allow the Planning Commission to maintain a quorum even in early January, when there is sometimes a gap in township appointments to the commission.
Only a few changes to committee appointments and assignments were made during the meeting, although County Commissioner Tom Workman was absent. The county commissioners opted to continue serving on the committees they have served on in the past, with attention to a wide range of committees such as the Area Agency on Aging, the Association of Minnesota Counties Board of Directors, the Minnesota Transportation Alliance, the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board, The Mosquito Control District, the Water Management Organization and the Carver County Fair board, to name a few.
Rod Franks was appointed to the County’s Strategic National Stockpile Requestor and he was also appointed to the State CHS Advisory Committee, taking the place of Laura Reid. According to government documents, the only other change to appointments and assignments was on the Minnesota Counties Computer Consortium, where Peter Henschel was appointed to the consortium in the place of Melissa Reeder. Dave Frischmon and Laurie Davies will continue to serve as alternates there.
The commissioners also worked through citizen advisory committee vacancies and appointments, approving lists of citizens who have been named to serve in various roles with varying term lengths.
The only appointments that were not yet fully approved during the meeting on Jan. 3 were for the Water Management Organization, where officials serve a three-year term.
The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the appointment of Chad Robbins, who resides in Carver Creek Watershed. However they held off on filling the second of two vacancies, delaying a decision between the appointment of Charles Wild, who resides in East Chaska Creek Watershed, and Jim Boettcher, who resides in Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District.
Other new appointments that were approved during the meeting on Jan. 3 included:

Board of Adjustment applicants, serving a three-year term:
Scott Hoese – Commissioner District 4
Richard Buetow – Commissioner District 5
Virgil Stender – Commissioner District 5 and “at large” appointment

Community Development Agency applicants, serving a five-year term:
John Fahey – Commissioner District 5
Library Board applicants, serving a three-year term,
Tom O’Connor – Commissioner District #3

Minnesota Extension Committee applicants, serving a three-year term:
Maren Christopher – Commissioner District 2
Mark Willems – Commissioner District 5

Park Commission applicants, serving a three-year term:
Jim Manders – Commissioner District 2
Jim Boettcher – Commissioner District 2 and has served “at large”
Gerald Burner – Commissioner District 4

Personnel Board of Appeals applicants, serving a three-year term:
Nate Bostrom – Commissioner District 3

Planning Commission applicants, serving a three-year term:
Alan Herrmann – Commissioner District 5
Mark Willems – Current Township Appointment

There were three vacancies on the Carver County Planning Commission, for Commissioner District 2, Commissioner District 5 and the township representative, however Carver County is still looking to fill the vacancy in District 2. Willems, the current township representative, was appointed until the Township Association has an opportunity to meet and make their own appointment, in line with the newly revised operating rules, however the Township Association will not meet until the end of January.
Though it is full, the Carver County commissioners also noted that there is room for more citizens to serve on the Mental Health Advisory Committee.

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