LTE: Kudos to Waconia city crews on snow cleanup

To the editor
After snow fell on our city for the better part of 24 hours last week, on my “commute” to work from the east side of Waconia to the west, I was struck by how well plowed all the roads were. In the midst of my drive I reflected on the fact that our city workers rarely receive the thanks they deserve for keeping our streets clear and safe.

Further, these devoted men and women are often working in these hazardous, bitterly cold conditions when you and I are snug in our beds. They work those difficult hours so the roads can be as safe as possible for our kids and families as we drive to school and work. Too often we take these good people for granted so I wanted to take a moment to offer my sincere appreciation to the many devoted city employees that work so hard on our behalf.

Carl Pierson