NYA Council organizes for 2017

NYA Mayor Carol Lagergren

by Adam Gruenewald
[email protected]

During a relatively brief meeting on Monday, Jan. 9, NYA Council members organized for 2017, setting the table for future business.
In the key decision of the night, council members approved the job description of and positing of the Public Services Director position that was included in the 2017 budget approved in December.
As outlined by City Clerk Kelly Hayes, the public services director would oversee both the Public Works division, which would be under Brent Aretz, and the Public Services division, which would be under Dan Stender.
Three different job descriptions at three different pay steps with different desired qualifications were approved which vary based on the wastewater and water licenses that the applicant would hold.
“It was suggested that three different steps for director,” said Hayes. “All three are the same and it’s the qualifications that are different.”
The lower tiered director would result in retaining the services of Doug Kammerer from Watertown, while the higher tiered director positions would hold the necessary requirements, a class C license in water and B license in sewer to operate existing city plants according to City Administrator Steve Helget.
“Anything beyond that is just extra,” said Helget. “We’re not required based on the classifications of our plants to have anything more than that.”
Recognizing that finding the suitable candidate could be difficult, Mayor Carol Lagergren said leaving the job descriptions open based on licenses should be helpful.
“For someone to have licensure in both areas is unusual, not unheard of but unusual” said Lagergren. “Really what we’re looking for somebody with the ability and interest in obtaining the license as quickly as possible.”
Lagergren added that someone with some human resources background and abilities would be important as well.
“A big part of this is also recognizing they are working to take two separate departments and bring them together,” she said.
In other news, Mayor Lagergren and elected council members Craig Heher, Mike McPadden and Dick Stolz all were sworn in prior to the meeting.
The NYA Council outlined plans to fill the seat held by Lagergren, who had won her seat in 2014, via appointment. Those plans included approval of applications available on the city’s website, a deadline of Jan. 19 for those applications, setting a workshop for Monday, Jan. 23, to review applicants and the likely appointment of a new councilmember on Feb. 6.
They also organized for 2017, designating Citizens State Bank of NYA, KleinBank, Bankers’ Bancorporation and U.S. Bank National Association as official depositories, NYA Times as official newspaper, Rupp Anderson Squires and Waldspurger PA as city attorney, Kennedy and Graven as economic development counsel, Ehlers and Associates as financial consultant, Bolton and Menk as engineer, Abdo Eick and Meyers LLP as auditor, Citizens Insurance Services as insurance agent, Metro West Inspection as building official, Lakeview Clinic as health officer, Carver County as assessor. A variety of NYA Fire Department positions were approved as well including Fire Chief Steve Zumberge, Chief 2 Mark Thomas, Chief 3 Chris Glander, Training Chief Steve Noll, Secretary Romie Wenisch, Treasurer Mark Stender, Captain 1 Steve Ehrenberg, Captain 2 Kevin Raether, Captain 3 Andy Wigfield and Captain 4 Brad Droege.
In terms of council positions, council members appointed Stolz as acting mayor, Stolz on Carver County Elected Leaders, Lagergren on Local Government Workgroup, McPadden on Southwest Corridor Transportation Coalition, Stoltz on Highway 5  Corridor Study Group, McPadden on Stiftungsfest Board, Lagergren on MNDOT PAC, Lagergren and Heher on Personnel Committee, McPadden on Railroad Coalition, Stolz on Safety Committee, Heher on Rental Housing License Appeals Board, Heher on Planning Commission, McPadden and Lagergren on Economic Development Commission, Heher on Parks and Recreation and Stolz on Senior Advisory Committee.
Council members also OK’d 2016 budget amendments related to the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers business loan and buffer strip payment of $23,514.58 to Carver County for ditch 4A, approved a engineering services and fee schedule with Bolton and Menk, accepted meeting attendance pay changes as part of the organization process and reviewed and accepted a pay equity compliance report related to gender pay equity.
Notably, City Clerk Kelly Hayes reminds residents that, according to city code, they are required to clean up after their animals by picking up their waste.
The NYA City Council will next meet on Monday, Jan. 23, for a 6 p.m. workshop for reviewing council member applications and conducting interviews a 7 p.m. council meeting.

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