Royals basketball claims victory, eyes state tourney

Trae Berhow shoots a free throw for the Royals during the game against the Rockford Rockets on Tuesday, Jan. 31.
Trae Berhow shoots a free throw for the Royals during the game against the Rockford Rockets on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

Boys basketball team improves on defense, shots at the hoop

By Shayna Anderson
Student Correspondent

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, a battle was fought on the home court of the Royals boys basketball team.
Fans filled the stands to watch the game and cheer on the Royals team as they competed against the Rockford Rockets.
In the beginning of the game, Watertown-Mayer took the lead, but by the end of the first half the Royals were only up by a slim three points. Royal senior Trae Berhow scored 18 points in the first half, resulting in over half of the team’s total 33 points. Despite their efforts on the court, only one three-pointer was made during the first half.
When the clock buzzed at the end of the first half, the Royals anxiously jogged into the locker room to discuss how they could improve their game and maintain their lead. When the team returned to the court, they proved to have stepped up their game.
Trae Berhow ended the game with a total of 39 points. The next leading scorers were seniors Drew Thibault and Ethan McCleary, who both scored seven total points throughout the game.
Other scorers included Wilson Kuhn (two points), Ben Theisen (three points), Riley Alger (five points), and Nate Truniger (five points).
The Rockford Rockets had a total of 14, whereas the Royals had 12. The final score was 65-59, the Royals being the victors.
Asked what the biggest weaknesses of the game were, Trae Berhow replied, “The turnovers in the first half really brought our team down. We also were not patient enough on the plays.”
When asked the same question, Finkelson said, “The defense in the first half and the shot selection were our biggest weaknesses.”
“We had a great overall performance and our defense really improved in the second half,” Trae said. “We battled through some tough calls. Our defense was really the turning point in the game.”
Tyler Finkelson added, “The second half consisted of great defensive stops and better shots.”
The team has about a month until the beginning of subsections. The Watertown-Mayer Royals have high hopes for going to state this year, and the community is proudly supporting their valiant efforts.

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