Into the Jungle

River City Theatre Company in Watertown presents four more performances of ‘The Jungle Book,’ featuring a large cast of local residents. (Submitted photo)
River City Theatre Company in Watertown presents four more performances of ‘The Jungle Book,’ featuring a large cast of local residents. (Submitted photo)

River City Theatre Company takes audiences into the wild with “The Jungle Book”

By Melissa Priebe
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he cast of River City Theatre Company has already made several journeys into the jungle, and they are excited to bring four more performances of “The Jungle Book” to audiences this weekend.
In a new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s story, “The Jungle Book” features Mowgli, Baloo, and Bagheera as they embark on adventures in the wild.
Mowgli is discovered by a family of wolves and accepted by the pack, but he has to learn the Law of the Jungle and test his animal instincts if he is going to survive. Join the cast of River City Theatre Company, as Mowgli decides if he is man or wolf.
“The Jungle Book” kicked off last week on Friday, Feb. 10, but there are still four more performances available to the public.
On top of plenty of stunning
performances by the students in the show, the show features playful
costumes and a creative jungle style set. Animals roam the stage as black panthers, monkeys, and bears.
“Oh my!”
The play will be performed at the
Watertown-Mayer Performing Arts Center, located at 1001 Highway 25 Northwest in Watertown, with showtimes on Thursday, Feb. 16, through Sunday, Feb. 19. The showtimes include 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 16, Friday, Feb. 17, and Saturday, Feb. 18, with a matinee performance at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 19.
Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors and free to members of the U.S. Armed Forces with a military ID. People can purchase advance tickets for any performance time on the website at for a discounted price. Tickets will also be available at the door. The box office opens 45 minutes before each show time with the house opening 30 minutes before the play.

Members of the cast for Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” include:
Main Cast:
Mowgli – Lizzy Wegner
Toddler Mowgli – Autumn Guetzkow
Mowgli Understudy – Harper Hokenson
The Pack:
Father Wolf – Tom Johnson
Mother Wolf – Diana Vig
Gray Brother– Parker Smith
Gray Sister – Harper Hokenson
Gray Child – Mari Sakry
Akela – Holly Neaton
Wolf #1 – Ashley Lorentz
Wolf #2 – Madelyn Tax
Wolf #3 – Jewel Zaback
Wolf #4 – Maggi Flynn
Young Wolf #1 – Leanna Stimpel
Young Wolf #2 – Josh Sakry
Young Wolf #3 – Annemarie Steinberg
Wolf Ensemble:
Lilia and Oliver Larson, William Mandt, Isaiah Lorentz
The Jungle:
Baloo – Deb Brever
Bagheera – Megan Liesmaki
Kaa the Snake – Ashley Lorentz
Shere Khan – Lindsay Guetzkow
Tabaqui the Jackal – Kevin Vig
Rann the Kite – Dave Kind
The Monkeys:
Monkey #1 – Madelyn Tax
Monkey #2 – Leanna Stimpel
Monkey #3 – Josh Sakry
Monkey #4 – Harper Hokenson
Monkey #5 – Parker Smith
Monkey #6 – Mari Sakry
Monkey #7 – Maggi Flynn
Monkey #8 – Jewel Zaback
Monkey #9 – Annemarie Steinberg
Monkey #10 – William Mandt
Monkey #11 – Lilia Larson
Monkey #12 – Oliver Larson
Monkey Ensemble: Isaiah Lorentz, Jack Hokenson, Scarlett Smith, Ruby Reinert, Eliza Rowan, Riley Delaney, Annabelle Hubert, Lewis Foley, Paul Leuthner, Kennedy Tufte
The Village:
Wise Woman – Holly Neaton
Man – Kevin Vig
Woman #1 – Ashley Lorentz
Woman #2 – Lindsay Guetzkow
Mother – Diana Vig
Father – Tom Johnson
Daughter #1 – Harper Hokenson
Daughter #2 – Mari Sakry
Son – Parker Smith
Teacher #1 – Megan Liesmaki
Teacher #2 – Deb Brever
Child #1 – Lilia Larson
Child #2 –Maggi Flynn
Child #3 – Oliver Larson
Child #4 – William Mandt
Production Team:
Director – Sarah Sakry
Technical Director – Kyle Hoffman
Sound Tech – George Janikula
Lighting Tech – Haley Jensrud
Set Design/Props – Lindsay Guetzkow
Costumes – Sarah Sakry
Stage Manager – Jennie Martinez
House Manager – Gail Meier
Master Set Mover – Mike Wegner