County appoints health director

Appointments made to county offices, planning commission

By Melissa Priebe
[email protected]

The Carver County commissioners recognized the service of an advisory committee member and made several appointments during the regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 7, serving in their capacity as both the Carver County Board and the Community Health Board.
Jon P. Fahey stepped down from the Carver County Planning Commission, after serving nine years on the committee and taking up the helm as the commission chairman.
“Mr. Fahey actually has a very keen knowledge of both city and rural issues,” said Commissioner James Ische. “I had the pleasure of sitting on that planning commission with him for the last nine years. I know he was well respected in his work on the Board of Adjustment.”
Fahey has reached his term limits for service on the Planning Commission, prompting him to step down. But he will continue to serve Carver County in an active role.
“I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Fahey. “Now, I do have the opportunity to sit on the CDA (Community Development Agency) Board.”
The commissioners thanked Fahey as his service, and said he left big shoes to fill on the Planning Commission.
To fill the vacancy in District 2, the county commissioners appointed Frank Mendez to the Carver County Planning Commission.
Applications to serve on the Planning Commission were also received from Christopher Lund and Tina Diedrick, both of District 5.
The commissioners also confirmed an appointment for the township representative during the meeting. At a meeting of the Carver County Township Association on Tuesday, Jan. 31, the group recommended the appointment of Mark Willems as the township representative on the Carver County Planning Commission.
Acting as the Community Health Board, the commissioners appointed Dr. Richard Scott to the position of Community Health Services Administrator. Scott began his new position at Carver County in January, where he works as public health manager.
The position as administrator involves working with the board of commissioners, managing the written components of the Local Public Health Act including local priorities, progress reports and budgets, handling grant applications, and executing contracts with the Minnesota Department of Health under $25,000 on behalf of the board.
“Needless to say, it’s an honor for me to be chosen for this position,” said Scott. “Obviously it takes all of us to create a healthy community, and also I think we need to look at health as being a holistic. It’s just not about the prevention of disease, but it’s about making our community the healthiest and the funnest and the best place to live, learn, work and play. Obviously, I will do all that I can and leverage all of my resources and talents to make that happen.”
Scott will take over for Health and Human Services Director Rod Franks, who was previously servings as the Community Health Services Administrator on an interim basis.
Scott is no stranger to the county and he has worked in various positions for Carver County in the past. He has served on many boards and associations, including The Community Foundation for Carver County, the Carver County Historical Society, Rotary International and as a member of the Minnesota School Garden Consortium. He previously worked as Director of Grants and Development for Waconia Public Schools, as Director of Research and Development for the Carver Scott Educational Cooperative, as a consultant for CHS Consulting and as planner for Carver County. He holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from St. Olaf College, a master’s degree in public health from the University of Minnesota, and a doctorate degree in educational leadership and management from Capella University.

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