LTE: Letters off base with views, stance on ‘March’

To the editor,
Would the gentleman who was proud of the “extraordinary people seeking justice” say the same about those who destroyed personal property and took away the liberty of free speech from a conservative speaker on the campus of the University of California-Berkeley? Are these also extraordinary people?

In response to last week’s letter, “March deserves space; Trump’s promises empty,” is anyone who has an opinion contrary to your opinion considered to be “ignorant?” The condescending statements about fish frys and calves illustrates arrogance toward others who enjoy having the small-town papers offering a variety of nonpolitical news. There is no shortage of getting your national and worldly news fix from other sources if that is your desire. Wanting something different out of the local news does not make one simple or deplorable.

As far as the 2.8 million more votes, it means nothing. Hillary lost. She has accepted it and maybe you should take her lead and accept it too.

As far as not wanting to show the president respect, why don’t you strive to set an example for your daughter and rise above the level of disrespect you feel was exhibited towards President Obama? I can’t recall seeing the types of protest marches towards former President Obama with the level of hate and vulgarity complete with costumes that we have witnessed over the past weeks. And, if your idea that “curtailing personal liberties” is the protectionism of all abortion rights, then I would encourage you to sit down with your daughter and fellow protesters and watch a video of an abortion being performed, preferably a third term abortion. Then see if your daughter agrees with you that taking a human life is a personal liberty.

Paul O’Brien